Sunday, November 9, 2014

Random pictures

Because they didn't fit in any other posts I've done but deserved to be mentioned, here's a few randoms:

Saratoga Springs is getting a Cafe Rio!!! Jake and I are beyond stoked - we LOVE Cafe Rio!! 
We did a lot better this month at having date nights. It was great for us and both Grandma's loved the time with Kaycee!
I colored my hair since I've been thinking I wanted something new {I talk more about that in the "Weekend with Jack" post}. I colored it red {left} first and didn't like it so I added a brown on top and ended up with the picture on the right. I love it!! 
Brynne & Lizzy ran the Howloween Half Marathon! It was Lizzy's first and she did awesome! I had planned to do this half but with all of my platelet stuff wasn't able to start training when I needed to so I passed. I am planning to do Utah Valley next summer though - I want to do a half post Kaycee! 

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  1. We're so excited about Cafe Rio coming too and I absolutely love your cute hair!