Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Closing Day

Well I didn't blog like I wanted to throughout this process - sorry! Today is closing day! Let's back up a bit and fill you in shall we? 

Our water heater went out on our home we're selling but fortunately we had a warranty in place (for free!) that covered it. Jake installed the new one the other day and we're all set there! Then our dryer broke. It just feels like 1 thing happens after another, we're ready to only be fixing things on the new house haha. It's frustrating to fix things when you know you're moving! 

Our garage is full of our stuff, we're almost 100% packed and as something is packed we move the box out to the garage for easy truck loading. We can't park either car in there anymore and Jake and I both hate it! Can't wait to get our garage back! 

We bought a fridge last weekend at RC Willey and it's being delivered Friday.  We found a sectional we like for the front room and bought it last night off of a yard sale page. We also sold our dresser to my sister and bought a new one that will fit better. Jake told me I'm cut off from buying more stuff until after the move haha. 

My sisters have been an ENORMOUS help. Popper has been over a ton helping me pack, almost everyday after school. Brynne has been here everyday this week (spring break) and there's no way to measure how much her help has helped us. It's been SOOO nice having all the help! Jake took this week off work to help out and that's been great too, we've got a lot moved to the garage like I said and we'll finish packing today. 

The buyer ended up going FHA so it moved closing up by 10 days. Awesome sauce! 

We close in 2.5 hours. So weird. It still doesn't feel real. We did our final walk through Monday and it still feels too good to be true. Everything is going SOOO smoothly. We somehow are getting more closing costs paid for than planned so we don't need to bring as much to closing as we thought. The lender messed up when he gave us our mortgage quote and the new correct number is nearly $100 smaller than we thought it would be. Things are just working out for us. It's been amazing! 

If all goes as planned, we will fund and record tomorrow (how is it tomorrow?!?) and then we move tomorrow! So crazy! That means tonight should be the last time we sleep in this house! Bitter sweet for sure but we're so excited! 

I'll post again soon regardless of how the next 48 hours go! 

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