Monday, September 9, 2013

BYU vs Texas aKa pretty awesome weekend

I had a pretty stinkin' awesome weekend! Let's start with Friday.

Came home from work, picked up my handsome hubby and we went to get a foot long sandwich to share at Subway. Then we came home and Jake took out the driveline in the truck. It's been acting up a little bit, and making a lot of noise, so we want to fix it before it gets any worse. Jake found a place in Lehi that could fix it for pretty cheap, so he climbed underneath the truck and pulled it out.

Can I just say that I LOVE my mechanic husband?! SOOO awesome he can do stuff like this all by himself!
The driveline after it was out of the truck
We drove it in the Mazda and dropped it off at the shop, then went and visited with Kjell & Paige & Kjell's parents for a little bit. They are expecting their little girl ANY day now - we are so excited for them! Another friend for Kaycee :) Then we went to the Westlake game - click here to read about that, since I made a separate post about it.

Saturday morning I had to work for a few hours, but it went by fast. While I was at work, Jake cleaned up the house a little bit, which I TOTALLY appreciated. After I got off work, I went to Wal Mart and bought the stuff for Lizzy {my step sister's} birthday gift and for the Snickers salad I needed to take to the family part the next day. I also found some clearance clothes {clothes at Wal Mart - ghetto ya?} that were too good of a deal to pass up. I got Jake 2 swimsuits for Lake Powell that were $1.50 each, a pair of basketball shorts for me, since I keep taking Jake's, for $3, a pair of pajama pants for $3 and a dress to wear over my swimsuit in Lake Powell for $2. Score!!

I came home and we watched a little TV before Jake decided to take the Mazda to his parents house to rotate the tires. I tidied the house a little and then sat down to watch TV. Didn't take long before it was POURING rain outside. We got a flash flood warning, but it didn't rain hard enough in our area to cause concern so I just enjoyed the rain. On Jake's way home from his parents, he stopped and got me some soup from Kneaders with a loaf of Asiago bread, plus some pumpkin bread and an irish cream white hot chocolate. YUM!! He wanted some pizza, so he stopped at Pizza Hut and got some for him and then we had ourselves a feast.

Because it was raining so bad in Provo, the game got delayed by almost 2 hours. That's two games in a row that had a storm delay! The Mall in Provo turned into a lake - there was serious car damage and some people were canoeing through the parking lot. There was THAT much rain! The game finally started at 7 and we settled in to watch it.

And were STUNNED by how well we performed! Our defense was ROCKIN'. And our running game was INSANE. Like INSANE INSANE. Taysom Hill {our QB} ran for over 260 yards, the second most running yards by a QB in NCAA history! We shattered our running game record {over 500 yards total} and also shattered the Texas record of never letting another team run up that many yards against them. Texas hasn't lost to a non conference team on the road since 2000. Well, they lost on Saturday! Final score was 40-21. Seriously, SOOOO AWESOME!! We were screaming and hollering up a storm - good thing none of our neighbors complained haha!

Sunday we went to church and then I went to my parents house for Lizzy's birthday. I wasn't able to stay for very long before I had to leave for presidency meeting, but I got to bring my gift over and spend some time with everyone for a little bit. She asked for money since she has been having car problems, and rather than giving her a $20 I decided to break it down into change. I got some $1's, 2 $5's, quarters, $0.50 pieces and a few $1 coins. I put them in the chocolate box I got at Wal Mart and wrapped it up. Everybody said she loved it and loved how creative it was. Gotta love Pinterest!

After Presidency Meeting I saw Jake off to work and then laid down for the night with my Max. I sure love cuddling him. He is so obedient lately too - it's almost like a different dog. But he has all the good traits from before, now he is just cuddly and obedient. It's quite nice haha.

Overall, it was an AMAZING weekend. Cuddling on the couch with rain falling while having soup and hot chocolate. Watching BYU slaughter Texas. Spending time with family and with my favorite guy & puppy. It was just great. Love weekends like that!

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