Wednesday, September 25, 2013

25 weeks - an eggplant

Dear Kaycee,

Well, between Lake Powell last week and a sudden lack of interest in blogging, I didn't post your 24 week update. Sorry love. You were an eggplant last week too, so hopefully that partially makes up for it! This week, you are almost 2 pounds! That's so crazy! You're getting so big!!

Look how big you are!
I feel really good lately in terms of my motion sickness, which is a much needed relief. I am starting to feel the 3rd trimester exhaustion though. I feel tired all the time, and sleep is getting hard because it's hard to find a way to get comfortable, since my hips are starting to hurt again. I'm managing though - you're more than worth it.

You're big brother Max absolutely adores you. It's getting more and more apparent the bigger you get. He has turned into the most obedient little dog ever and follows me absolutely EVERYWHERE and as soon as I lay down, he is right next to me with his head on my tummy. If I sit down, he is usually in my lap resting between my legs. He REALLY likes you babe. I sure hope you like him as much as he likes you, because I can see you two being best friends for a long time. Mom loves dogs, especially Max and I can see you loving them just like me.

Dad & I have been calling each other "mom & dad" since we got Max, because we feel like he's our baby. Because of that, it hasn't seemed like a huge adjustment to get used to thinking I will be a mom to a real little person. But saying "brother" when we talk about Max, or calling you little sister, has been CRAZY! That is SUPER weird to think haha. And yes, I know Max isn't really your brother. But in a way, since he was mom's practice baby, he kinda is like a brother to you. And he's sure protecting you like a big brother!

I haven't been craving anything over the top weird lately. I haven't been feeling good, which translates into me craving cereal, but that's totally normal for me. Cereal or ice cream. When I don't feel good, I want something cold. There's a flu bug going around right now, and dad got a pretty nasty cold, so I think that's all my body is feeling. Hopefully it blows over soon and I go back to craving good healthy stuff.

I changed the date that my maternity leave will start at work a few days ago. The original plan was for me to stop working December 20, when you're 38 weeks. Because I am feeling more tired and such, dad & I decided to have my last day be November 22 instead. So you'll be 34 weeks instead! That's in less than 2 months. That blows my mind to think I won't be working anymore in less than 2 months. Well, I'll be working, just not at the bank anymore. I'll get to work with you instead! Talk about a job with good benefits. I can't wait.

Early Monday morning {2 days ago} I was laying in bed texting dad. He was on his way home and I was trying to convince him to stop at the grocery store and get some cereal {he did, by the way}. While we were texting, I could feel you moving and put my hand on my tummy right where I felt it and I could feel you moving from the outside! I haven't been able to feel you from the outside yet! I was so bummed dad wasn't home, he has been SOO excited to get to feel you move and constantly puts his hand next to you. Hopefully you move again soon so that he can feel you!

That's all for this week little one. I love you so much and can't wait until January to meet you.


P.S. Sorry no picture of my tummy this week - I kept postponing this post because I hadn't taken one yet and decided to just post without my tummy. I'll have one for your next post though, promise!

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