Monday, September 9, 2013

Westlake vs. Corner Canyon

Friday night, Jake & I went to see Westlake High School play Corner Canyon High. Main reason we chose to go? Because Popper earned the ability to cheer throughout the ENTIRE game with the Varsity squad! Way to go Popper!! Brynne & Blake came too, and my mom was also there!

Dance team performing at half time
Jake & Blake shared a HUMONGOUS donut - only cost $3!
Our cute cheerleader getting her bow fixed at half time
The whole Varsity squad with some of the JV Cheerleaders
Popper was in the back on the right hand side - doing the wave

Rallying after the cheer
Westlake ended up winning the game by 1 point. Jake & I left halfway through the 4th quarter and we missed all the action! So happy Westlake ended up winning though. The best part of the game was when Westlake scored their first touchdown. It was in the endzone we were sitting closest too, and was a pass with a little run at the end. I jumped up to celebrate the touchdown, and felt little miss Kaycee jump too. And oh did she jump - it almost scared me! And I'm sure it's all because I scared her haha. Between my sudden movement of jumping up and yelling out to cheer, I bet I woke her up. It was the COOLEST feeling ever though. And to have such a big movement at a football game was surely a sign - she's DEFINITELY gonna like football, just like her mom!

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