Tuesday, October 1, 2013

26 weeks - a cucumber

Dear Kaycee,

This week, you are a cucumber. I'm thinking that's because of length, not weight. You're getting so big princess!!

I have been feeling you move way more lately. Sunday morning while I was taking a bath before church, you were kicking up a storm. I could SEE my belly moving. It was the absolute coolest thing in the universe!! I called for dad to come feel, but by the time he got there you'd stopped moving. Little stinker! I want dad to feel you move so bad - hopefully this next week he will :)

26 week bump
I haven't been craving anything abnormal this week, other than pumpkin ice cream. I don't know why that sounds so good - probably because it's the end of September, but I really wanted some pumpkin ice cream! It didn't become available until yesterday, so for most of last week I had to settle for other forms of frozen yogurt or ice cream haha. One of my absolute favorite treats last week was when I went to Yogurt Bliss and got peanut butter frozen yogurt. Mom sure loves peanut butter - that hasn't changed since I got pregnant!

Your big brother still loves being by you. It's getting to the point that I have a hard time sleeping if he isn't in the bed with me. Which makes it interesting on the weekends when dad is home, since dad doesn't love sleeping with Max. Earlier last week I fell asleep on the couch and he came and snuggled right up next to me. He is getting creative at finding ways to still fit next to me when my belly is getting bigger.
Your big brother sure loves you
I love that I am feeling you move more, and I am getting REALLY excited for you to get here! Just don't come quite yet - I found another person on Instagram who just recently had their little boy and she was only 26 weeks pregnant. Makes mom a little worried, but at the same time, thanks to medicine, if you came now there's a good chance you'd be ok. Either way, don't come yet k?

I sure love you babe. Thanks for coming to our little family when you did. I can't wait to be your mom - only 13.5 weeks! And 7.5 weeks until I get to officially be a stay home mom!

Love you lots,

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