Tuesday, October 1, 2013

{Gone} Golfing

Last weekend was the General Relief Society Broadcast. Brynne & I decided to go together, and while we were gone, Jake & Blake decided to go golfing. We left at the same time, and anticipated that they'd be done golfing around the same time we got home.

We hadn't had dinner yet, so by the time we left the broadcast Brynne & I were both pretty hungry and wanted to figure out the guys plans for dinner and see if they were done yet. Jake's phone went straight to voicemail when I tried to call, but sometimes it does that so I tried again. Same thing. Brynne tried calling Blake - his went straight to voicemail too. We joked they had turned their phones off and headed to go see a movie, and hoped they would be at home when we got there.

We pulled up and as we were walking to the front door, Jake opened the door to greet us. With a very stressed, worried look on his face. I immediately said "Whats wrong?!" as Brynne said something about their phones both being off. Jake said something about how Blake's phone was just dead. I said well what about your phone? And that sad look came back on his face - he had lost his phone. He realized it around hole 7 at Talon's Cove golf course. They used this app called "Find my iPhone" on Blake's phone to make Jake's phone beep and make noise. There is also a GPS locator, so usually it's fairly easy to find. Well, after an hour of looking, the phone wasn't found. Both of their phone's died, so the beep couldn't be heard on Jake's phone anymore, and Blake's phone couldn't send the signal. They came home, empty handed.

A few years ago, I dropped my iPhone in the toilet at work. I had just flushed, so the water was clean, but still - ruined my phone. I had no room to talk about Jake losing his phone - he takes amazing care of his phones and has never lost one or damaged one. I told him it was ok, he could just go get him a new one. He still seemed super sad and apologized throughout the night nearly 100 times. We talked about how I had broken a phone before, it's part of having a phone and it'd be ok. Blake & Brynne headed to Buffalo Wild Wings to get our name on the waiting list while Jake & I headed for the AT&T store. Except they were closed because it was so late. So we went to Best Buy in AF instead.

They didn't have any of the newest iPhone {the iPhone 5S} but they had the iPhone 5C, which is plastic and colorful. Jake didn't really want one of those, but also didn't want to wait until the 5S came in stock. He asked if they had any of the 5's available, which is what his lost phone was. They looked and had one left. So we ended up replacing his phone with the exact same model, no upgrade on the phone. Because iPhone's aren't cheap and neither of us was eligible for an upgrade, it cost a grand whooping $550 with a new case and invisi-shield on it. Good grief! But Jake did need a replacement phone, and we wanted him to have his iPhone again, so that's what we chose. Like I said, he apologized all night long about it.

**Side note: While we were at dinner, Brynne lost her phone temporarily too. It fell between the table and the baseboard. It took 3 employees pulling our table apart and using every gadget from the kitchen imaginable to get it out, but they got it. Between Jake's phone being lost, Blake's dying, and Brynne's falling nearly to it's death, it was a bad day for iPhone's in our family.

The next day, after I got home from church, I was sitting and doing the dishes while dinner was cooking and got a text from a random number asking if I was Jake's wife. I text back and said yes I was. It took a few minutes for them to text me back and I was running every random scenario ever through my head trying to figure out why someone would ask me that. Jake was home sleeping, so I knew he wasn't hurt or anything. They finally text me back {it only took like 3 minutes but felt eternal} and said they had found his phone on the golf course!! I was shocked! I text them to thank them and got their address, then went to tell Jake. He was SO excited when I told him - way more excited than I thought he would be since he had a brand new phone. After we ate dinner, we drove to their house to go get it.

Apparently, her kids had found it between the path that people drive on and a walking path. It was in the dirt, all by it's lonesome. They brought it home, told their mom, charged it and then got on Facebook and found out my name and then called me with the numbers in Jake's contacts. We thanked the kids over and over again for being honest and drove home. Phone totally still works - sprinklers must have been off that night, it didn't rain, no one stepped on it - nothing. The odds of having nothing happen to it are insane!

We got home, got it fully charged and back to normal. We packed up the new one, and I took it back to Best Buy yesterday and was able to get a full refund on it. Seriously, this was SUCH an awesome thing to happen to us right now! Not that money is crazy tight, but with me getting ready to quit my job, we don't exactly have $550 just laying around that we have nothing better to spend it on than a replacement of a phone. Right before I took the phone back yesterday, I took each of the kids who found it a $10 gift card to Cinemark. I'm so grateful for those kids and their honesty! Their mom had said we didn't need to bring them anything, they just felt good inside for knowing they did the right thing. What awesome kids that had already acknowledged that, without asking for any kind of reward. When I took the gift cards to them, they both still acted like they didn't want a reward or anything. It was well it to me though - we are so grateful we have his phone back! YAY!!

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