Thursday, October 24, 2013

Building Kaycee's Crib

Last week my mom ordered Kaycee's crib for us!! I had originally found it at, but she ended up finding it for a little less with free shipping on Amazon! Good job mom - love finding ways to get things for cheaper!

It was delivered on Thursday and it took both Jake & me to get it in the house - the box was SUPER heavy and really awkward because of how big it was. We left it in the living room until we were ready to set it up.

We had planned to set it up Saturday evening but we got distracted with other errands we were running, so it didn't end up happening. Sunday morning, I talked Jake into just opening the box and working on it for 30 minutes. Which turned into an hour and 15 minutes, after I threw a mini fit about how badly I wanted it set up. Thanks for helping me set it up babe, I so appreciate you!!! 

Opened box with pieces of the crib throughout the room
Jake is REALLY good at assembling furniture. I'm so grateful, because I am really good at following the directions but not at the actual assembly so together we make a really good team!
And of course Max had to be in there with us, watching the whole time. He loves going in Kaycee's room.
All finished!!!
I love how it turned out - it's exactly what I was imagining! Right now her room is a BIG mess - the box is still in there, since it's WAY too big for our garbage can, and there's stuff all over the top of her dresser, plus other random things scattered throughout the room. Hopefully that explains the awkward angle of the picture - I was trying to cut out all the mess haha.

Jamie, our neighbor who is helping me make Kaycee's blanket, is going to make an adjustable crib skirt for us too. Planning on going to buy the fabric for it either today or tomorrow - can't wait to see what her crib looks like with a skirt & sheet on it!

And I found the chair I want - it's at Costco.

Just ordered it - can't wait to get it all set up in her room! It's really starting to come along! Can't wait to actually have our princess using her little room!

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