Wednesday, October 16, 2013

28 weeks - a small cabbage

Dear Kaycee,

This week, you are the size of a small cabbage. You're getting pretty big princess! And I bet you make a super cute cabbage! And as of this week, according to most calendars, we are officially in the 3rd trimester! WOOT! Can't believe how fast it's gone!

We had our 28 week appointment on Monday of this week, and they had forgot to have mom schedule my gestational diabetes test, since the test is usually done before 28 weeks. I ended up finishing my appointment and then drinking the drink, since my midwife office didn't make me fast before I take the test. While I waited for an hour, I went to Hobby Lobby really fast for some stuff for Young Women in Excellence and then went back to get my blood drawn.

Getting ready for my drink in the car. It wasn't too bad - just tasted like a sugary melted otter pop. Dad told me I looked like a druggie wearing my beanie &  black hoodie to my appointment. Apparently he doesn't think I should wear beanies haha!
Just got the results back and we passed - no gestational diabetes for us! YAY! Score of 83 {normal range is between 70-140}. That's a big relief, since diabetes runs in my family. I think gestational is different from regular diabetes, but still - I'm grateful we don't have it! While I was at my appointment, I also got my pertussis booster so that I don't give you whooping cough. They warned me that it might make my arm sore  the next day. Huge understatement. My arm was VERY sore yesterday, especially since it's the side I sleep on. My arm felt like it was asleep all day long. Great feeling huh?

Your brother still adores you - cuddled up next to you as often as he can be. Nothing super new there. Can't wait to see you two together though.  
All within about 10 minutes - awake, to asleep, to tired and watching Law & Order with us
Dad & I figured out how to make grilled cheese sandwiches on our George Foreman, and now they sound good EVERYDAY! I have eaten at least one grilled cheese sandwich a day this week, and plan on having another for lunch. I've been eating them on wheat bread, so trying to help a LITTLE bit. Cheese has sounded good my entire pregnancy and 3rd trimester has been no exception. Add in that it's melted cheese.... Mmmmmmm........ Aunt Brynne gave mom some Shakeology, the meal replacement shake that has tons of good-for-us stuff in it and I started drinking that too. It's like dessert in a cup, but it's packed full of good for Kaycee & mom stuff! Glad to know it's another something to help you keep growing big & strong!

Pregnancy brain has fully taken over. Last night, I went to Young Women's and after being there for 30 minutes I realized I had put two different shoes on. I got dressed in the dark {dad was asleep} but still - how embarrassing is that?! I hope I don't do that again anytime soon!

You're moving around ALL THE TIME now. I can feel you moving ALL the time. Which makes me wonder when you sleep... But I love getting to feel you so much. Talk about a reassurance that everything is ok. I absolutely love feeling you move all the time though. It's one of the coolest feelings in the entire world. Makes me love you so much!

And I found this on Pinterest the other day and had to at least show a picture of it. I probably won't buy it, but who knows? Maybe someone will buy it for me haha. Too true - mom sure loves to blog.  

Grandma {mom's mom} bought your crib this week and mom cannot WAIT to put it together! It should be coming today or tomorrow! Grandma is coming to help me put it together this weekend so that we can have those memories of putting it together. Grandma's dad {mom's grandpa} & grandma had a good experience when they bought mom's crib, so we are passing that memory down the lines. Can't wait to see it set up with your cute polka dot wall!  

Only 11.3 more weeks until your due date. That's really coming up! Which means only 5 weeks and 2 days left until mom is done working. And that is CRAZY for me to think. And it's just getting crazier the closer it gets. I'll be really busy leading up to my last day too, since I am planning Young Women in Excellence for our ward. All the planning is done, I just have the handout/craft for the girls left to finish and I need to make 37 of them. THAT'S gonna take some time, which means all my spare time is spent working on your room, working on your blankets, or working on Young Women in Excellence. Add in sleeping and cooking in there, and I am sure the last few months will FLY by! Which is a good thing - I'm starting to get nervous again so the faster it gets here the better it will be!

I sure love you babe. Can't wait to see your cute face.


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