Thursday, October 31, 2013

30 weeks - a head of lettuce

Dear Kaycee,

Well, I feel like we've hit a weird transition with our time together. This week, I hit 30 weeks of having your cute little self with me all the time, and all of the sudden pregnancy is the greatest thing ever. Kind of sad that it took this long for me to feel that way. Maybe it's because I am feeling so much better. Maybe it's because I have more energy. Maybe it's because you're closer to coming, so it means I am closer to being done. Either way, pregnancy has been awesome lately.


I'm definitely at the "I love being pregnant" phase. I'm not uncomfortable, except when I sleep but even that is manageable. I haven't really had the dreaded heart burn everyone talks about - I feel it every now and then but only for a minute or two and it passes. I have noticed I get a weird pain whenever I yawn, but after googling it yesterday to see if any other mama's experienced it, I think it's just my ribs being loosened thanks to all the relaxin in my body. And even that isn't too bad - it just hurts while I'm yawning and as soon as I am done yawning, it goes away.

I think I am about to start nesting. I feel the "itch" to do stuff around the house lately. That could also be because I've been picking up a few extra shifts at work, so housework has dropped on my priority list and I am wanting to catch up on it. Either way, I want to get some laundry done and keeping the kitchen clean and our bedroom spotless and all that. Overall though, it isn't that bad. I like feeling the urge to keep our house clean. I've been so tired most of my pregnancy that cleaning wasn't high on my priority list, but now it's all I want to do. Super weird!

I am absolutely loving how much I feel you move. And dad seems to love it too. Whenever we're laying down or sitting next to each other, the "natural" place for his hand to be has become my tummy. He loves to be near you. It's one of my favorite things in the world to see. And of course, your little brother is all over my tummy. I can't wait to see his reaction when he realizes you aren't in my tummy anymore. I think he'll still cuddle me, but not like he does now. Max is probably starting to be ready for me to be done with pregnancy, since I wake up so many times to use the bathroom in the night. It disrupts his puppy slumber haha.

Today is Halloween, and one of the things I am looking forward to THE MOST about you coming is dressing up for next Halloween. I don't normally like to dress up, but I have a feeling that all 3 of our little family will dress up next year. Maybe we can even talk dad into letting Max dress up next year too. I have lots of friends who have posted pictures of their cute kids on Facebook & Instagram and it's ADORABLE seeing their cute costumes. Can't wait to dress you up :)

3.2 more weeks until mom's done working. Since the bank is closed on Veteran's Day, I will come to work 15 more times and then I am done having a job where I get paid in money. Then I will get pain in kisses. And have some SUPER cute co-workers that I get to kiss all the time. I have awesome co workers now, I just don't kiss them haha.

I sure love you baby girl. Keep growing for mom & dad. As excited as we are to meet you, we don't want you to come quite yet. Good thing I've had almost NO signs of preterm labor huh?


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