Wednesday, October 23, 2013

29 weeks: a butternut squash

Dear Kaycee,

This week, you are a butternut squash. And once again, I have no idea how big that is. Either way, you're getting bigger! Another week that you're still in mom's tummy, which I am so grateful for!

This week, mom has had a bit of a cold & sore throat. I went in last week to get tested for strep, since one of my co workers has it but I tested negative for it. Which is awesome, except the doctor wasn't quite sure how to treat me. He put me on Sudafed and said to take it easy for a few days, and it seems to have helped some. Now I'm just trying to drink tons of water and see if I can make it go away completely.

We got your crib last week and got it all set up in your cute room. I'll do a separate blog post about that, but it turned out AWESOME - me & dad absolutely love it!

No new cravings, no new symptoms this week other than a few Braxton Hicks on Monday night. I was home alone {dad was at work} and Max & I both thought he heard something in the other room. It scared us both pretty bad, since it was around midnight. Max went out to investigate and calmed down, which made me feel better and realize it was probably just the dishwasher turning on, but I was SUPER scared for a while and had a crazy adrenaline rush. The whole time I was having Braxton Hicks, which made me even more worried. It was a stressful night, but I ended up falling asleep {with dad's gun next to me on the nightstand} and the BH stopped, so all's good there.

If I thought Max was adoring and wanted to be near you before, it's getting worse. Now he lays on my tummy, even though it's becoming apparent there isn't room for him. I think he has felt you moving around in there, but it doesn't scare him or make him confused like I thought it would. He just lays right there and closes his eyes. I think he can feel your heart beating. It's adorable. He loves to lay with me on the couch {my new favorite place to lay} and be on top of you. He'd better realize he can't be on top of you once you're here though - don't want him to suffocate you! 

Keep cooking in there little one - dad has a co-worker and friend who had their baby this week and he was born 8 weeks early. Please don't come quite yet - we want to get to take you home when mom gets out of the hospital. Sure love you princess!!


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