Tuesday, October 8, 2013

27 weeks - a head of cauliflower

Dear Kaycee,

This week, you are a head of cauliflower. That's pretty dang big! I can't believe how much you are growing, but at the same time, I can feel you growing so it totally makes sense. And even though I had zero reason to think you'd come super early and be a preemie, I'm super happy you're still cookin' inside my tummy.

I am going through a weird "energetic" phase right now, but it's only at night. I've heard that with the 3rd trimester, it's common to get super tired again. Well so far that has not been the case for mom! I am exhausted when I wake up, and throughout the day wake up more. By the time dad leaves for work at 10 PM, I am WIDE awake. Which means we watch Law & Order with Max until around 1 AM when I finally make myself fall asleep. I've been watching SOOO much late night TV crime shows. Last night, I decided to finally do something productive once dad left so I put away 3 or 4 loads of laundry last night and THEN we watched Law & Order haha. It was nice to get something productive done, and to wake up to all the laundry being caught up is a WONDERFUL feeling. I have a feeling I won't know what that feels like for much longer lol.

27 week bump!
You are becoming quite the active miss. I feel you ALL THE TIME. You're ALWAYS moving around in there. Sometimes it's not very big movements, but sometimes it's huge movements. I absolutely LOVE it. I could do this part of pregnancy for the rest of my life. Not that I want to lol - I want you to come and see your cute face, but I love this part of being pregnant. Dad thinks he felt you kick on Saturday night/Sunday morning. He was sleeping with his hand on my tummy and he thinks he felt a little poke. He woke me up to see if that's what it was, but by then you'd stopped moving. It was absolutely adorable seeing him get so excited. As excited as I am to see you, I'm almost more excited to see you with dad. And as much as I want to be close friends, I really hope you're a daddy's girl. You have the best dad in the world babe, he's gonna love you so much.

I haven't been craving anything too weird lately, just normal stuff - cereal & ice cream when I don't feel good. I started eating apples again, since honey crisp apples are back in season. I could eat those 3 meals a day. I LOVE those apples! One thing I am noticing with my appetite is that it's MUCH smaller all the sudden. I don't even realize I am full until all the sudden nothing else will fit in my tummy. And I'm doing a LOT better at listening to my body. I love food so much that normally when I am full I keep eating it anyway, but I am trying to listen to it and just save leftovers for later. Hopefully that helps me stay at a pretty consistent weight for the rest of the pregnancy.

Every time I walk past your room, I open the door and just look in there and imagine what it will look like with your crib, and your clothes in the closet, and a cute little you in there sleeping. I think Max is starting to realize there's something special around your room - every time the door is open he goes and looks in there. Grandma is ordering your crib this week hopefully, so we should have it set up soon! Then I can get started on your wall d├ęcor & finding a rocking chair/recliner to snuggle you in. Can't wait for that - it's gonna be great.

I'm starting to not be so scared about being a mom. I know I won't be perfect, and I'm sorry for that. As the oldest, I know that you'll be our "guinea pig" baby and you'll have parenting techniques practiced on you that your siblings won't get. I know, from being the oldest, how much that sucks. And I'm sorry. But I promise, nobody could ever love their little girl more than dad & I will love you. Until you get a little sister and we'll love you both. But for right now, you get to be the center of our world. I'm starting to get INSANELY grateful I get to stay home with you. I'm so grateful for dad's job, and for how supportive dad is of me staying home with you. Seeing how much your dad already wants the best for you is making me melt babe. You're gonna have him wrapped around your little fingers. Mom's cousin got married a few days ago, and there was a little flower girl there who loved chasing dad around the grass. And dad loved chasing her around and picking her up and talking to her and showing her things and asking her questions. I was holding back tears, and it wasn't even you! I can't WAIT to see him like that with you. There's this quote that says "I didn't realize how much I loved your dad until I saw how much he loves you" and I KNOW that is going to be true. I am falling so much deeper in love with dad every day seeing him get excited for you. Thank you for bringing that additional joy to our marriage.

Your "big brother" Max still adores you - always following me around, can't be more than 5 feet away from me at any given time. Always snuggling up to my tummy. I'm pretty excited to see the two of you play together. I'm sure he's going to have no idea what to do with you at first, but once you start talking and crawling, I have a feeling he's going to be right there with you for all of it. Part of me can picture him doing an army crawl on the floor as you learn to move around. I promise, I'll take lots of pictures of the two of you together.

6 weeks & 3 days until mom's last day of work. Super crazy to think how fast it's coming! With getting your room ready and organizing the house, making frozen dinners for your first month of life, etc. I'm sure I'll have plenty to do to keep me busy once I'm not working and you aren't here yet, but I still get a little worried that I will get bored and end up sleeping for 20 hours a day. A little, teeny tiny part of me hopes you come a few weeks early and are here for Christmas, but I only want that if you are HOME for Christmas, not at the hospital. That'd be quite the Christmas present. And that'd only be a week and a half early... But I'm thinking you'll be just like mom and come late - it'd be cool if you came on the 15th of January, since that's moms favorite number. But any day you come will be perfect for us.

Keep growing safe and strong in there, little one. Try and kick dad again this week - I know it'd mean a lot to him. And next time your brother steps on you, kick him. I'm still waiting to see the confused look on his face when he feels you move.

I love you princess.


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