Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kaycee's Blanket: Days 2 & 3

Last week, I got the chance to work on Kaycee's blanket again. On Wednesday & Thursday night, I went over to Jamie's house and we worked on it! Wednesday, we sewed the strips together & ironed them flat. Well, Jamie sewed & I ironed. Seriously, sewing is NOT my thing. Since Jamie is doing a big part of my blanket, I decided to make another blanket too so that I can say that I put in 10 hours of work so that I can use it for Personal Progress.

The pieces on the left are sewed together, the ones on the right aren't. Once the blanket is sewed it makes it a little bit shorter
Jamie sewing the pieces together
All done sewing the front together!
Thursday night, we pinned the minky to the block front with batting in the middle and Jamie started sewing!

We are doing a little bit of overlap, so there will be minky on the front lining the blanket
I picked out a pink thread at Hobby Lobby and apparently the thread I picked matches the minky a little bit TOO well... we got a little askew and were having a SUPER hard time unpicking it from the minky because we couldn't see it. After a lot of frustration and squinting since it was so late, Jamie decided she'd work on the blanket in a few days and get it back to me after it was all finished. Before I left for the night, we hurried and made a few pillow cases for Kaycee's room too. We used scraps from the fabric, so that didn't cost anything, and I got the pillows at DI!

$3 pillow from DI
New pillow case {Front}
New pillow case {Back}
$1 pillow from DI
New pillow case! It's the same fabric on the front and the back.
Both new pillows together
I love how the pillows turned out! I will make sure and post a picture of her blanket as soon as I get it back!

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