Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kaycee's Blanket: Day 1

One of my goals I set earlier this year was to make a blanket for my princess Kaycee. I have a friend in the ward who posted a picture of a quilt she made for her sister, and I fell in love with the style. She told me she'd be more than willing to help make a blanket, so I bought the fabric I needed & headed over there to start working on the blanket last week.

The pattern I picked has 6 different fabrics on the front & 1 for the back. These are the fabrics I picked for the front:

The first step was to iron them all out. I don't iron very often, but it's hard to screw up ironing a flat piece of fabric so that went well!

All done with the ironing!
After ironing, each piece of fabric needed to be cut into 5 different sizes. Here's the stack of all the fabric after it'd been cut:

And then it was time to figure out how to arrange the fabric! Surprisingly, this took a REALLY long time to get it just the way I want it without too many colors touching or too much of one pattern in each line, etc. I love how it turned out though!

Tonight's goal is to sew the front all together! This should be REALLY interesting since I don't sew at all, but Jamie has been a HUGE help so I'm sure it'll go great! 

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