Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Night at the Bowling Alley

Last week was fall break. Usually, since neither Jake or I are in school, that isn't a big deal. But this year, Kenzie & Emrie, our adorable nieces, came to spend time with us from Arizona since they didn't have school! Friday night we went bowling together at South County Lanes in Payson. Keisha's step mom {Keisha is Dustin's girlfriend} owns it, so we got to bowl for free!

Hunter {Keisha's son} & Dustin & Keisha's new dog Bentley - he's a chi-poo {Chihuahua/poodle mix}
Jake enjoying his straw - he loves to chew on straws haha
Miss Kenzie looking adorable - love her!
Miss Emrie - seriously I have the cutest nieces ever!
Emrie holding Bentley - he was super squirmy
Dustin & Keisha - love Dustin's face!
Keisha's reaction to Dustin's face in the previous picture haha
Clint & Macy - gotta love Clint's expression haha
Kenzie, Hunter & Emrie posing
I totally spaced getting a picture of me & Jake and I forgot to get a picture of mom & dad McClellan! It was super fun to get to hang out with the family! And I love bowling so it makes it even better!

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