Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Where's Waldo?

Last night for mutual, we had the chance to play "Where's Waldo?" at our local Wal Mart. Basically, all the youth and leaders meet up, carpool together to Wal Mart and then the leaders change into different clothes and "hide" throughout Wal Mart while the youth look for us! They were broken into 8 teams of about 4-5 youth per team. Their goal was to find all the leaders and once they had found a leader, they needed to have them sign a paper saying they'd been found. The leaders could walk around the store, or choose to stay in one area. It was SOO much fun! I had been nervous about it all day, but it ended up just being super fun! A little nerve wracking when a group of youth walk past you and you totally avoid eye contact hoping they didn't see you, but seriously so much fun! Here are all the leaders disguises!

Janaca Cann {2nd Counselor in YW} was in the craft section
Me! I borrowed my sister Jeannene's wig - worked great!
Jenny Wall {Laurel Advisor} was near the garden center
My cowboy Jake {YM Secretary} was hanging on the outskirts of the store. He got found pretty fast lol
Tiffany Barth {Mia Maid Advisor} was in the photo area - not many people found her!
Holly Rose {YW Secretary} was planning to stay in the spa area and get a pedicure, but they closed early and foiled her plan. She hid behind the garbage cans most of the night!
Georgina Pitcher {YW President} was literally hiding in the tire section
Bishop Matt James. Absolutely awesome costume. He was crutchin' throughout most of the store
Matt Wengreen {Deacon Advisor/Scoutmaster} was walking throughout the store with a cart talking to random strangers to blend in
Matt Gerow {Teacher Advisor} - not quite sure where he was hiding at
Ryan Myers {Priest Advisor} - not quite sure where he was hiding at either
The only person I didn't get a picture of was Brother Eric Wall, 1st Counselor in the Bishopric. He was wearing a vest and helping put away carts. Only 2 groups found him. Genius idea! While we were "hiding" from the youth, the only leaders I saw were Jake, Matt Wengreen & Bishop James Janaca for a split second. After we left Wal Mart, we went back to the park in our neighborhood and had donuts & chocolate milk. Seriously, one of the funnest activities I have ever been to! I absolutely LOVE my calling!!

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  1. Hello, I know this is so very unexpected, but I did a search for Matthew Wengreen and your blog popped up. I am hoping to get in touch with him just to say hello. Almost twenty years ago he came from Utah to Rochester, NY along with the Utah Valley Children's Choir. He and three other young men stayed at our home. I thought he was gorgeous and had an instant crush. I still have a picture of us that my mom took. I was thirteen at the time and I know he was older but I can't remember how much. I am sure he's married by now as am I, but I just wanted to reach out and say hello. My name is Stephanie Allen and I now live in Newport News, Virginia. Please tell him hello for me.