Friday, October 4, 2013

Lindsey's Work Shower

Yesterday was Lindsey Kilpack's baby shower for her work friends! Lindsey and I have worked together in Saratoga for a little over a year and she's one of the reasons I am bummed to quit the bank. The bank's only a few minutes from my house, so I'll be able to come visit her often! We had her shower at Angie's house in Eagle Mountain, just a mile or so from my house.

We had chicken sandwiches, potato salad & pasta salad for dinner!
And yummy cake with raspberry filling & cream cheese icing! It was delicious!!
We played a few games - we guessed how many marshmallows were in the bottle {bottom, next to the keyboard}, wrote her baby advice, and then smelled 6 different baby foods and had to guess which one was which  
The party favors - adorable idea huh?!
Pink Lemonade with little ducks in it - SUPER cute!!
Me & Lindsey!
It was so much fun to see so many people from the bank at her shower. I was surprised how many of them I knew! And if I didn't know their face, I recognized everyone's name. Lindsey worked as a float teller for a while and then she worked in Lehi, so she knows lots of people in the bank. And it was so much fun to get to spoil Lindsey & her little girl. Only 7 more weeks until her due date!! Can't wait to meet little Princess Kilpack!

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