Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let there be polka dots!

Well, we finally started working on your our princess's room!  I had decided a long time ago I just wanted to paint one wall, but I wasn't sure what color I wanted to paint it. I was leaning towards chevron, that zig zag pattern that is so popular right now, until I thought about just how popular it is... Ten to one, it won't be all that cool in 5 years, and I don't want to have to repaint her room unless she wants it done different. I found a website that has stencil's in all different patterns, and found one in polka dots. I LOVE polka dots, and they are timeless, so that's what we went with!

Saturday morning, my sisters came over to help us. Before they got there I took some "before" pictures of just how awesome her room looked and then straightened it up a bit.

View from the door looking right, next to the lamp is her closet doors
The wall we will be adding polka dots to
The other blank wall
Her door and closet doors. And her big brother, all ready to help
I threw away a few coupon things I didn't think I would use, organized the diapers in the closet, and then piled most of the stuff, like the boppy, carseat warmer, crib mattress etc. in her room. We ended up giving her crib away to someone on KSL, so that was taken from the room as well. Brynne & Popper got there a few hours before my mom & Jeannene, so they got started right away.

The wall just before we started painting
The stencil up, ready for the first roll of paint!
Painting the first stencil
It didn't work all that well, but Brynne got a wet rag and fixed each and every circle. They figured out what they could do differently for the next time, and started again!

2nd time went much better!
Max supervising his sisters room painting
Once they started getting the hang of it, it went super fast!
Popper took over when Brynne had to leave for Devin's endowment session
Showing off her mad painting skills...
Did it perfect - not a single circle needed a touch up! She was shocked haha
Jeannene helping/supervising Popper's paint job
She really did such a good job!
Doing the last section after a pizza break. They lined up perfectly with where the wall ended!
Popper was so focused - she really did such an amazing job!
Me with the finished wall. Absolutely LOVE it!
It looks perfect!!
After we were done painting the wall, Popper & Jake brought up Jake's old dresser from the basement for Kaycee to use. It's the dresser we used when we first got married too, so this dresser has a lot of history in our family. I had wanted to paint it until Jake mentioned he wanted to keep it the original color because of memories sake. So instead of painting it, we are just going to change the handles on it.

Popper also volunteered to paint the shelf for us! She primed it first and did an awesome job. She ended up leaving before she was able to paint it, but it's primed and ready for painting. We are going to have her paint it pink, the same shade as the polka dots. Can't wait!

Cleaning the shelf so she can prime it {with Max supervising}
She was hyper haha
She came over a few days later to paint it pink - I snapped a picture of it with just the primer before she finished painting it, hence her change of clothes
The next morning, I walked past Kaycee's room and just got the hugest smile. I love that it's starting to look like a room. Even though the only furniture is her dresser, it's nice having all the other mess cleaned out. And I am SOOO in love with the polka dot wall! It couldn't have turned out any better. And I feel like I can be super proud and love it and rave about it and have it not be vain since I'm not the one who did it. My sisters are seriously AWESOME!

Next is to get her crib, and to buy her curtains & the fabric for her crib skirt. Jamie Peterson in our ward is going to make the crib skirt for me as soon as I pick the fabric. Searching for a crib I like as we speak - hoping to find one soon!

Here's another few ideas I like for her room: I found this gem at Hobby Lobby - can't wait to buy it and bring it home for her room. You hang bows on the ribbons - cute way to hang the bows huh?!

Saw this awesome idea on Pinterest - need to find a cool jar that I can use because I love this idea!

Love how her room is coming along - can't wait to show you more pictures as we progress!

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