Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day at the Zoo

While our nieces were here last weekend, we got the chance to go to Utah Hogle Zoo with them! I love going to the zoo, and didn't realize a new exhibit had opened since I'd been there last. It was super fun to see their reactions to the animals.

Clint & Emrie
Jake & Kenzie
Dustin, Emrie, Hunter, Kenzie & Keisha
Clint & Macy climbing on the gorilla
The kids & Clint playing near the elephant
Aren't they so cute? I have pretty cute nieces {and hopefully soon-to-be nephew}
Baby elephant with the mommy elephant. I love elephants. And I am partial to babies right now. This was my favorite animal this trip!
Clint & Emrie looking at the seals. This exhibit was really nice!! And they had a POLAR BEAR! Can't believe I forgot to get a picture of him!
Sleeping tiger. Tigers are usually my favorite at the zoo but he was sleepy this time so he was boring haha
The kids drinking out of the lion water fountain
The giraffes. There was a baby giraffe too!
Me & Jake - sure love this guy!
The kids all going down the slide. Clint & Jake decided to go down too!
Emrie coming out
Hunter's turn!
Hunter, Kenzie & Clint watching as Jake came out
I have a pretty fun hubby. He's going to be the best dad

On our way out of the park we went past the elephants again. They had been in one smaller part of their area before and now were walking around the whole thing
And of course we had to stop and get ice cream. I love ice cream! Jake got twist & I got mint flavored.
I forgot to get a picture of Jake's mom - whoops! But she was there too! Yay for going to the zoo. Hopefully next time we go we have a little princess with us looking at all the animals too!

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