Monday, October 28, 2013

"Is there no other way?"

Luke 22:42 Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me; nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.

Over the weekend, Jake & I went and saw the movie "The Saratov Approach". It was absolutely AMAZING. Seriously, if you haven't seen it, you should. Pronto. It was FABULOUS. It's about 2 LDS missionaries who were taken hostage in 1998 in Saratov, Russia. Throughout the movie, they mention the crucifixion that the Savior endured and how He didn't want to be whipped, or have nails in His hands and feet, or any of those awful things He endured. But because that's what His father wanted and asked Him to do, He did it anyway.

And that in and of itself made me stop and think. I'd never really thought that He didn't WANT to do it. Very eye opening for me.

But then I thought about how that kind of applies to child birth too.

I don't think any girl growing up thinks, "I want to have babies, and to do so, I want to endure insane trials for 9 months and then go through hell and back to deliver them. And then a few years later, I'll do it again!" Pregnancy is hard. Child birth is hard. But people do it anyway, usually multiple times, because it is worth it.

And this is something I can do to help Heavenly Father with His divine plan. That is the ONLY way to get His Spirit children here on this earth - through child birth. Storks don't really bring them down from a cloud.

And even though I am scared, that makes me feel SO much better. Yes, it's going to hurt. Yes, it's going to be hard. But I can do hard things. I've done LOTS of hard things in my life, and I can do this. And I am doing something directly to help my Heavenly Father. That thought has really helped my attitude lately. Pregnancy hasn't been anywhere NEAR as hard the last 10 or so weeks, and then you add in that I just keep reminding myself that I am helping bring Spirit children to this earth - that I am furthering the Lord's work, and it helps it not seem so bad, or so hard.

Makes it a lot harder to wait though, that's for sure!

On that same note, Jake & I "follow" this family & their daily videos on YouTube. Seriously, amazing family. Their main YouTube Channel is "Shaytards" and they talk all about their lives: his weight loss struggles, their religion {they are LDS}, their 5 kids, being debt free {YEAH Dave Ramsey!}, etc. They are just awesome to watch. Last Friday, they had their 5th baby. And the video they posted for the day was 48 minutes long. And it was worth every single second to watch it. Watching it with Jake seemed like "good prep" - we could talk about Pitocin & the Epidural and all that jazz. And I was absolutely bawling when their little boy was born. Seriously, my emotions are all over the place haha. But it was AMAZING to see this little person be born. And it was so awesome to hear him coaching her and telling her how proud he was of her and that he knew she could do it and all that awesome stuff husband's say when their wife is doing the unthinkable. Made me SO excited for our special day when Miss Kaycee comes.

Can't wait for the big day when I get to give myself this mental pep talk, and hear this mental pep talk from Jake. It's going to be the most memorable day of my life.

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