Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Day in Vernal

Last week, my sister Lauryl had spring break so we decided to go to Vernal for the day, just her, my mom & me :) It was SO much fun!

We left home around 6:45 AM. I am becoming a morning person slowly but surely - that is WAY earlier than I am used to waking up! The drive took us a little over 3 hours, plenty of time to talk and watch our mom be SUPER goofy and hear about upcoming birthday party plans and listen to awesome music.

When we arrived in Vernal, first thing we did was go to the Vernal Temple to do baptisms for the dead. My mom has found so many family file names recently, so she and I were able to do baptisms with Popper even though we have both been endowed. We were the only ones in the temple, so we got some amazing treatment and special care. Here are some pictures after we finished and of the temple grounds:

My mom & Popper {aka Lauryl} 
Me & Popper
My mom & me
Front of the temple!

After we were finished at the temple, we went to get some lunch at our all time favorite place to eat ever - Cafe Rio. Delicious!!!

Then we went to the dinosaur museum!! Popper is really into dinosaurs, so this was the main reason we made the trek to Vernal! Here are some pictures of us playing with the dinosaurs!

Popper is really scared! 
Don't want to mess with that guy!
He's huge!! 
That'd be a big hair ball!
Popper making far gar rawr sounds
My attempt at being a stegosaurus 
A Far-Gar-Rawr!! 
Yeah that's a little creepy haha
Mom & Pop in front of the museum
A ball launcher called a DinoPopper!! 
We had so much fun at the museum - we learned a lot of things about the dinosaurs in Utah and had too much fun attempting to pronounce the names of the dinosaurs. On the drive home, we encountered just about every element of Utah weather imaginable, including a mild blizzard while in a canyon of some sort. That wasn't the greatest but the Mazda handled it like a champ! The snow lightened into slushy rain as we got through Heber and as we came around a corner in Provo Canyon, we passed a semi on the wrong side of the road that had just driven through the barricade and had scattered its load of 2x4 railroad crossing ties everywhere. We pulled over, helped clean up the road along with a lot of other drivers and waited until the police arrived to make sure the driver was ok and that the police didn't need statements from us {we didn't see the accident happen, we just drove up seconds after it had happened}. Needless to say, we all had some serious adrenaline pumping afterwards and were all SOAKING wet from cleaning up the highway in the pouring rain. We were very grateful that we weren't affected or hit, and that the driver of the truck was fine.

View of the semi - it is on the wrong side of the road!
It was a really fun day - love spending time with my family!!

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  1. Awesome recalling of the day's events, babe!! Loved it! Let's take another adventurous road trip together SOON!