Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jeannene can drive?! Lauryl is almost in high school?! SAY WHAT?!

My baby sisters are growing up - Jeannene just turned 16 and Lauryl is 14! I swear in my head they are both under 10 years old. I don't think of them as babies, just not as teenagers or definitely as someone old enough to legally DRIVE A CAR!

Jeannene turned 16 on the 100th anniversary of the day the Titanic sunk - OMEN ANYONE?! Anyway, she had a super cool Titanic themed birthday party but Jake & I missed it because I had to work. I work 3 days a week - you'd think it wouldn't be that hard for me to make it to family events!! Sheesh!!

We did, however, make it to the family birthday party the next day with the Jones'. Here are some photo's for your viewing pleasure {don't ask - I am feeling kinda hyper at the moment}

Because we were in Moab, we missed the birthday party planned for Jake {OUR BAD!} so he got his gift at the girls' party - iTunes gift card!! WOOT! 
Opening gifts from my dad - I can't tell you how much I love the wrapping on these. Duct tape and tin foil. It is SO my dad. Not just stuck in a plastic Wal Mart bag - he put the effort into wrapping them with his own wrapping paper. Oh I love it!
Struggling to open them... 
Clair M Poulson books! AWESOME writer!
To Kill a Mockingbird... 
And Jimmer DVD's, since Popper isn't much of a bookworm
Smell good lotion from the Jones'
iPhone case from the Jones'. Yes my 14 year old sister has an iPhone. What is the world coming to?
Dried Mangoes from Blake & Brynne! 
Smelly good stuff for Popper from Blake & Brynne! 
New ear buds and iTunes gift card, to go with her phone
Jeannene loved our birthday card we got her - it said something about everyone should stay off the road!
Popper seriously reading her card 
Cards & $20 each from us - we went the lazy route 
New Jeans!
Purse for her trip to LA - small and the type that goes across your body, so she won't get robbed!
Jeannene's gift from Jackson - the adorable creative way he asked her to prom. PROM! MY SISTER IS OLD ENOUGH FOR PROM! There was like 20 layers of wrapping paper around 5 or so boxes... 

Awwwww!!! It's a Build A Bear box!
Little Miss Serious trying not to cry as she read the note and birth certificate for her bear, nicknamed "Binary Boy" {Jackson's nickname} 
"Will you go to Prom with Binary Boy?" 
Binary Boy's birth certificate
I remember being so annoyed growing up when people would say "Oh I remember when you were born! How can you be 15 or 20 or whatever already??" I really feel that way about my sisters though! I can not believe how old they are getting! Lauryl is going to be in high school next year!! HIGH SCHOOL! And Jeannene is going to Prom in a few weeks!! My baby sissies are growing up!!

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  1. BAHAHAHAHA. oh sister. i love you. but don't feel so odd about the "i can't believe how old you are!" i'm still freaking out that prom is in less that 48 hours, and i'm 16.. i told someone today that i was 14.. WHOOPS. :P Thanks for posting the pics. these are UBER cute. :)