Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring has sprung - well almost

I have totally procrastinated decorating my house recently - I realized I still had Valentines decor up on the ledge and I couldn't take it down because I hadn't made my spring decor yet! I stopped in at Crafty Wood Cutouts - my favorite wood cutting store in Orem, and got this nifty craft! 

The vinyl {the blue thing} says "where you stand" - "Bloom where you stand"
Sorry that is such an unfortunate picture - I didn't realize until after I was finished with my craft that the picture was crooked and sideways and yeah not so awesome. 

Here is the ledge after I finished the decor: 

The vases for the grass are the same ones I used for Valentines Day, so heck yes for cheaply reusing decor for multiple holidays! I got the watering can and the birdhouse at DI - and I had a gift certificate and a coupon I used on my "Bloom"! I love how it looks - the picture doesn't quite do it justice. Or maybe I am just biased. Either way - it looks awesome and I have decorated for spring! 

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