Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Killer March - No April Fools!

Since I haven't talked about it enough lately, here is yet ANOTHER post about how much I love TURBO FIRE!!! I just finished my first month and I seriously am loving my results. It is so hard - not gonna lie. There are times that I push play {it's a series of DVD's so I do it from home} and I feel great and energetic and ready to go until I am 10 minutes into it and I have 45 minutes to go and then it just kills me. Here are some tips I picked up this month: 

1. Work out in the morning!! Oh my gosh I psych myself up all day if I don't get my workout done in the morning and that just makes it so much worse. AND I don't like to workout after eating, and you can't go all day without eating, so when I work out later in the day I feel super sluggish. Working out in the morning is also helping improve my lack of morning ness skills! 
2. Cover the timer. If I can't see how much longer I have, I seem to be able to keep going. I have only done that the past two days, but it has helped A TON so far so hopefully it continues to keep helping. 

3. Go to Brynne's Turbo Kick class. My fabulously amazing sister Brynne teaches Turbo Kick at XSI, a gym in Lehi, 2 days a week. At 6:30 AM. Shoot me. I am SO not a morning person, but I went to her class last week for the first time and dang does it motivate/discourage me to work out with her! She has so dang much energy! Super motivating, until I start comparing and beating up on myself and then I an discouraged. But Brynne has been working out for YEARS - between drill and cheer and Turbo and her personal trainer and I shouldn't compare my fitness level with hers. I am doing awesome and have come SO far - I just have to focus on that! I am planning on getting a gym membership at XSI so that I can continue going to her classes! 

4. Don't just go through the moves. Actually do the punches. Focus on that - it makes it seem easier somehow. 

I set a goal last week to become a Turbo Kick Instructor and teach my own Turbo class. After doing Turbo for the first time in a live class experience last week, I am realizing just how in shape I am going to need to be in order to talk while I am killing calories! I want to accomplish this goal in the next year, so I don't need to be perfectly in shape over night THANK HEAVENS. But I know I can do it, and I want to do it SO badly. I love Turbo - I love the control that it has given me. Same with weight watchers - I am really controlling my health for the first time IN MY LIFE. And I am 24 years old! I should have done this a LONG time ago but hey better late than never right?? 

I lost 10 pounds last month and 8 inches. That means since I started losing weight in the summer of 2010 {when I realized just how heavy I was} I have lost 61.8 pounds! So far this year, I have lost 23 pounds - not done yet! Just in case I start to get down on myself and think I can't tell a different, here are some pictures from "before". 

I'll always remember that this was taken while we were waiting to get Jake's iPhone 4 at the Apple Store, in between Kyle & Calli Brooks wedding and their reception. I got tired of waiting in line so I went shopping around Gateway Mall and ended up buying my biggest pair of pants ever - size 24. Wake up call much??

And here are some "during" pictures!! 

I took this on a day I had been "bumming" around the house all day - no make up, in my pajamas, after 2 weeks of Turbo Fire. I loved that I looked in the mirror and could see curves!
This was yesterday - 1 month after I started Turbo Fire! Definitely seeing results in my stomach area! 
Just goofing off. Turbo has definitely given me more confidence than I have ever had in my entire life! 
Can't wait to show you where I am at the end of month 2!

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