Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our bedroom - a work in progress

I have been wanting to work on the master bedroom for quite some time - I always seem to focus on decorating the living room or the kitchen or re doing the living room and I have decided to put more thought, effort and work into the master bedroom. After all, it's one of the rooms we are in most often and I don't like that I don't "LOVE" how the feel of the room. I re arranged the furniture in there a few months ago and that helped a lot, but it is definitely still a work in progress! I have taken the next step in adding decor!

Thanks to how awesome I am doing at Turbo Fire, I have "earned" a new dresser! Yes, that means I weigh less than Jake. WAHOO!!! I am SO freaking proud of myself for that accomplishment! Ok back to decorating. I know which dresser I want, just haven't picked it up from IKEA yet -
Isn't it pretty?? I love how many drawers it has and that it will be able to hold more than the TV - I can add some decor to it! While looking for dressers, I have also semi looked at headboards. I want one, but they are heavy and they take up a lot of space and yeah I just wasn't sure if that is the route to go. I saw an idea on Pinterest {I spend WAY too much time on that site} for a stenciled headboard and totally loved the idea, but I am debating painting our room and didn't want to stencil it and then paint and have to do it again so I decided to see if I could find anything else that would be similar but not paint. RodWorks had what I was looking for - a gorgeous rod iron designy thingy. I walked around the store several times and kept coming back to it, asked the sales gal to get it down for me and I carried around the store while I looked around for another half hour and ended up getting it because I just loved it so much. After Jake left for work, I put it up! 

Before picture - sorry I didn't make the bed. I couldn't bring myself to make the bed for a picture and then rip the sheets off so that I could move the bed haha.
I moved the bed, vacuumed really good and got our bedframe out from the basement. We took our bed off of the bedframe a few months ago because Max wouldn't stop going underneath the bed and we couldn't ever catch him. I love having the bed higher - it makes me feel like a princess. So I foudn some boxes in the basement that were the same height as the bedframe and put them underneath the bed so that Max can't get under there! He hasn't figured out a way to get under there yet, hopefully it stays that way! 

Then I put the box spring, bed skirt and mattress back together. I am OCD about bed skirts and I had a way hard time getting it to not get stuck between the two mattresses but I eventually got it and made the bed and here is what it looks like now! 

I took some stuff off of the night stands too, so they aren't quite as cluttered 
I love it!! LOVE it!! Next step will be to get the dresser and add some curtains to the master bathroom {the door you can just barely see on the right hand side leads to the master bathroom and closet}. 

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