Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Trip to Wood Connection...

A few months ago I went to Wood Connection and bought some new crafts. I scored price wise, so I didn't feel too bad that I bought 10 or so crafts. I had a coupon for 2 of the things and then everything else pretty much was on sale. All the stuff on sale was 4th of July and I did that stuff first, even though it was after 4th of July haha. I love how it looks and can't wait for next summer so that I can hang it up!

I also got a big letter "M" for the front door to use as a wreath but I can't decide what to decorate it with, so it is up in my bonus room waiting for me to make up my mind on what to do with it. Someday, I will do something with it and then show it to the blogging world.

But the main thing I want to tell you about is the letters I got - I got the letters "A", "J" and an "&" sign to put in our bedroom! Yay for making our bedroom even better - it has become my favorite room to decorate!! They had the exact same letters on display and I LOVED it, so of course I bought it. I got it done pretty quick, but needed to paint the shelf so that I could hang them up. The shelf that we have was from our neighbors in Lehi - free! Heck yes! It was an.... awesome.... shade of gold. Yeah I didn't love it so I finally got around to painting it black about a month ago, and last night I FINALLY hung it up while Jake was at Young Men's!

This is the before picture. I am standing against the east wall of the bedroom {Jake's side of the bed}
After!!! I moved the curtains so that the picture would show better, and ripped one of them off the wall in the process. Whoops! The glare is from the light in the bedroom, but I wanted to show how the letters overlapped the frame... Wasn't sure if I liked that or not.
View with the light off {sorry it's dark} - it is REALLY high on the wall
So I moved it down - I like it SO much better!!
After I finished, I hurried and made me some dinner. While I was waiting for it to cook, I kept debating whether or not to eat one of the donuts sitting on my kitchen counter. My husband likes to test my will power haha. Good thing I don't like donuts or this would be REALLY difficult {said in an Emperor Kuzco voice, when talking about Pacha being a big fat guy}.

I resisted the donuts but had a few chips ahoy cookies Jake brought home from Young Men's. I have been eating WAY more sugar lately - gotta nip that in the bud before my stomach freaks out at me!

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