Sunday, October 14, 2012


I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that I have been eating a lot of sugar and that I needed to nip that in the bud. Well that'd be an understatement. I have been eating a TON of sugar. Almost every day, whether it be ice cream or a shake or frozen yogurt or a piece of cake or a brownie or whatever. I've also been eating out a lot more - and not making as many healthy choices as I used to. Problem has been identified. I do AWESOME during the week but really "splurge" on the weekends. And it's time to stop.

I work pretty dang hard during the week - waking up at 5:30 AM 5 days a week so that I can workout is no easy task. I didn't use to be a morning person, and I don't think I will ever truly love waking up before the sun, but I can't think of a better way to start my day. I work really hard during my workout - I am LOVING ChaLean Extreme and really noticing a change in my muscle definition. Still love Turbo, and I am so excited for my half marathon in 13 days. And then the weekend comes and I totally blow it. Like I said, eating out has become AWFUL for me - I know what healthy options are available at all the places we go, and I haven't been choosing to eat those things. Until today.

As of today, I am recommitting to my goal. I have had a mindset of thinking I am done and time to just maintain - I am 16 pounds from goal and that is pretty dang close. Lost 114 pounds overall. But I am not at goal weight. Or goal pant size. I am close, and I have come SO far and I am NOT going to quit now. I want to lose another 16 pounds. If I lose more, great. And that is going to happen by Christmas Day. Originally I had wanted to be at goal by the end of this month, but I am pushing that back a little bit. Partially because losing the "last" little bit can be harder, partially because I have been slacking and partially because I am gaining muscle and the scale is slowing down as a result.

I am not going to let 16 pounds disappoint me. I have lost 114. 16 is nothing. I can totally do this. Between my half marathon training wrap up and Turbo Fire, I know I can do this. And for the first time in my life, I will not make a New Years Resolution to lose weight. I will have a New Years Resolution to tone, or to maintain, but not to lose. Because I will have lost all the weight I want to lose.

To make that happen, I need to do a few things. I need to rededicate my efforts in my nutrition on the weekends. I am totally fine with "relaxing" a little one day a week, but I have been completely falling off the bus lately and my body can feel it so time to just "relax". Saturday is the hard day for me, but knowing I will let myself splurge a little bit should help me control myself the rest of the week. That means NO eating out, except on Saturday night {if we decide to}. And I need to decided whether I want to "splurge" on dinner, or dessert. But not both. One or the other. That will also help our finances but it will definitely help my nutritional goals. Workouts have to happen on Saturday. Period. I LOVE my strength training routines I am doing, so I will let Saturday be "just" a strength training day. No cardio, unless I want to. But I HAVE to lift on Saturdays. Except next Saturday, since its half marathon day. I won't lift that day haha.

And the biggest thing I needed to do was tell YOU about this - if I don't tell someone, put it on the blog, make myself accountable, it won't happen. So here it is. For anyone to read. I am GOING to lose 16 pounds over the next 2 months and 10 days. That will be my ultimate Christmas present to myself - weighing 160 pounds is something I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to say and this year, it's gonna happen!

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