Tuesday, October 2, 2012

General Relief Society Broadcast 2012

This past weekend was the General Relief Society Broadcast at the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake. My stake had a dinner and then would be showing the broadcast at the stake center, which is where I was planning on spending my Saturday night. Brynne mentioned that she had a ticket to go, but didn't want to go alone so she was going to come with me to the satellite broadcast at my stake center. Then I found out that Kathy Beltran in my ward had some extra tickets! I text her as soon as I found out and was able to snag one of the tickets! HAPPY DAY!

Brynne & I met at the parking lot of the Timpanogos Temple and drove to Salt Lake together. Traffic wasn't my favorite - I don't ever drive on the freeway anymore since my branch is so close to our house. It took us a long time to find a parking space and I was really worried we wouldn't make it inside before they closed the doors. But there was a TON of women still outside the conference center when we finally got to it, thank heavens! We went through security and found the area where we needed to sit with my ticket {my seat was better than hers, so we just showed the ushers my ticket haha}. We ended up getting to sit on the bottom level! I have never been that close to the stand before!

We were down in the bottom section, off to the right of the stand. The bottom section has two parts - really close to the front, and then behind that carpet area. We were behind the carpet, towards the back of THAT section. But still - we were on the floor, not the balcony or the terrace.
Quick picture before the broadcast started. LOVE my sister!!
The broadcast was amazing and we both really felt the Spirit. Afterwards, as President Thomas S. Monson {the current Prophet of the Latter Day Saints} walked out of the building, he was waving at those still in the stands and at those in the choir and EVERYONE waved back at him. It was amazing how one person can get such a reaction out of so many women chattering. I have never loved a prophet the way that I love President Monson. Part of that is becaue of his autobiography that I am STILL in the middle of reading - I got it for my birthday 2 or 3 years ago. But reading that book makes me feel like he is my grandpa. Seriously LOVE President Monson!

Isn't that the happiest smile you have ever seen??
We waited a few minutes before we walked out of the conference center, mostly because there were a BILLION people trying to get out all at once. Before we left for the car, we had someone take a picture of us :)

She is wearing heels and I am in flats - that's why we are the same height in this picture. I am 4 inches taller than her.
After we made it back to the car, we took an indirect route to Midvale where we picked up my dad for dinner. We went to Chili's and watched 3 or 4 different college football games at once, since they have so many TV's. We discussed BYU football and movies - the typical things to talk about with my dad haha. We took my dad back home and then drove back to the temple to Brynne's car. It was SO wonderful getting all that time in the car to talk. I don't know what I would do without my sister - she seriously is my best friend {other than Jake of course} and is someone I talk to about ABSOLUTELY everything!! I am so glad that we were able to go to the Relief Society Broadcast together!!

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