Friday, October 19, 2012

Not the plan...

Today is the 19th of October, which means its the day I went to meet with my specialist about what the heck is going on with my blood count! I've talked about this a view times - read here to see the previous post. I was pretty sure that he would say that everything was fine - that my count was a little low, but not anything to worry about. This doctor, Dr. Wallentine, is a hemotologist and he knows all about blood. Dr. Naylor, the doctor that found the problem, is my family doctor who knows a little about EVERYTHING in the medical field. I just figured maybe Dr. Naylor was being a bit dramatic and thinking more of it than necessary. And that was wrong.

Platelette count is still too low. The average person has approximately 150,000 platelette cells or whatever. I had 44,000 the first time I had it checked at the end of Apil. When they checked it today, it was down to 29,000. Yeah that's kind of a problem. They want it bare minimum at 80,000-100,000 before we start trying to get pregnant. Dr. Wallentine is a super nice doctor and I am glad that we are going to be working with someone so knowledgeable and likable. The downside is though, we STILL can't start trying to get pregnant!

He is thinking there is a slim chance that my prenatal vitamin is what caused this. He put me back on the steroid I was on before, called Prednazone. The basic idea is that this will "shock" my spleen and have it heal itself by making it realize there isn't anything bad in my body anymore. I took this medicine before, that didn't happen. But he thinks there is a slight chance that is because the prenatal vitamin is causing this and I never stopped taking the prenatal, so that is why my blood count never got fixed - the problem never went away. So as of today, no more taking this prenatal vitamin.

I start prednazone tonight, taking 60 mg a day for a week. It will MAKE my platelette count come to where it should be. The problem is, I can't stay on it forever - not the greatest pill to be on long term. So we need my platelettes to stay high as I go off of it. Perfect world plan is that each week I will get my blood drawn on Thursday and first thing Friday morning get a call from him telling me to go down 10 mg. After I am completely tapered off of it {after 6 weeks}, assuming all goes well and my platelette count stays high for 2 months, then we are all clear and we can start trying to have a baby.

If my platelettes start to come back down while I am tapering, then I will need to go back up to 60 mg a day and we will go see a surgeon with Dr. Wallentine to set dates for surgeries. Yes, plural. If it comes to that, I will need to get a bone marrow biopsy to make sure that my bone marrow is fine and that I am not in the beginning stages of cancer. And I will need to get my spleen out. Expensive. To say the least.

Dr. Wallentine said he sees no evidence of cancer. At all. So don't freak out and think I am dying like I did for a second at his office. He said he is pretty sure we will need to get my spleen out, but wants to try the prednazone one more time to make sure before we resort to something so freaking expensive and permanent. And I will be out of work for 2 ish weeks, so yeah that is an added cost because no paycheck. LAME!!

We left the office, and Jake was trying really hard to help me see the bright side - I am not dying, it isn't cancer {most likely} and we have a game plan that could be really inexpensive to fix. I am just so bummed - I really thought they would say that everything is fine!! I feel fine. Nothing feels wrong. I don't understand how it could be so low with me feeling nothing from it. I seriously was feeling pretty low and sorry for myself and came back to work {my visit was on my lunch break} and got on Pinterest in between customers and found this GEM - seriously was EXACTLY what I needed to see right then!

I know this is going to work out. I know it will. I just have got to be patient and see that the Lord has a reason for everything and there is a reason this is happening right now. It's a good thing it's happening before we have kids, because if I am down for 2 weeks after surgery I wouldn't be able to be a very good mom and that would be hard on those around me, who would have to pick up my slack. This is good that it's happening now, before we have kids. While we have insurance. While I can be double covered on insurances. While we aren't pregnant yet. That we weren't trying and then had to stop trying. That we didn't find out after hemmoraghing to near death with a miscarriage. It could be worse. I have GOT to keep telling myself that. It will all work itself out - the Lord knows what he is doing and I have faith in Him. And I KNOW that he knows I want to have a baby. I know that this is a short trial, that it will be over soon and it's just a blimp on the radar in the eternal scheme of things. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

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  1. you CAN do this! i'm sorry that you got such bummer news and i sorta know how it feels. so if you have need someone to lean on, i'm only 2.5 feet away! love ya and i hope that you'll be able to find joy in this trial and it will make you a better person and bring you and jake even closer together! xoxo