Monday, October 22, 2012

The new sectional!

We have been talking about getting a new couch for a long time. Like a REALLY long time. We wanted a sectional, but they are kinda pricey. Add in that Jake wanted it to be a reclining sectional and then they get EVEN MORE expensive. But after I got my new wedding band, we decided to get a new couch to make it somewhat fair for Jake.

Our old reclining couch. We bought this couch the week we got home from our Honeymoon. Kinda sad to sell it, but onto bigger and better couches!!
The chairs we had in our living room to provide additional seating. We got these from Jake's parents - they are at least 30 years old but still incredibly comfortable!
We went to RC Willey on Friday the 12th after I got off of work and found the couch we wanted. We looked on the website for a while, so we knew what we wanted but found it in the store and immediately knew for sure it was the one we wanted. They didn't have it in tan {the color we ended up buying} so we had to use our imaginations on what it would really look like. The salesman was awesome enough to give us the sale price from Columbus Day, even though the sale was over. And if he hadn't given it to us, my awesome friend Athina would have hooked us up - she works at RC Willey too :) It was delivered on the 16th and we couldn't love it more!

View from standing near the stairs on my tip toes
View if you are standing near the front door
View from the kitchen
We have a lot of space now between the wall and the couch so that the back door can still open. I actually REALLY like having that room there, and so does Max - he makes a race track and runs around the couch in circles!
View of the couch - the two ends recline
View of the wedge
View of the loveseat - this is why Jake wanted this couch. He REALLY wanted cup holders, and I LOVE that we have a storage place for remotes. Win win for both of us! Both of the seats recline.
We really love our new couch. Now I am getting ready to get curtains, new throw pillows, and re do the picture layout on the walls to make our living room even more AMAZING! Stay tuned - should be happening {fingers crossed} in the next few weeks!

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