Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Results

Another month has come and gone! It amazes me how fast time flies when I break months down in my head for weight loss. I did awesome with workouts - I worked out at least 5 days a week the whole month. One of the weeks I worked out 6 times. In my August post {click here to read that one} I talked about the goals I had for the month of September so here is a breakdown on how I did!

I finished the first month of ChaLean Extreme and I LOVE IT! Seriously wish I had started it a long time ago. I am getting some awesome definition in my shoulders and arms. Still working on my triceps, but making progress for sure! This month, phase 1, I was using resistance bands, which works for sure, but I would rather use weights so I ordered knock off select tech weights to use as I get into phase 2. Bowflex select tech weights are around $300 for a set, but the Gold's Gym ones I got at Wal Mart were just over $100 for the set! The downside is that Bowflex goes up to 52 pounds each and the Gold's Gym ones go up to 25 pounds each. But I think that will be plenty of weight. For a while anyway - with ChaLean Extreme, you lift REALLY heavy weights so I might just outgrow this set as I get ripped haha. I am supposed to pick up my new weights either today or tomorrow!

I stopped running throughout the week and started only running on Saturdays. Best decision EVER. I do NOT like to run, and running in the dark is not my favorite thing ever. And I just dread it because I hate it. Until now. Running on Saturdays has become long run day. I have been running somewhere and then stopping there rather than running to somewhere and then turning around to come home. Makes a WORLD of difference. And I get kind of an adrenaline rush the night before knowing what I am about to accomplish and that is awesome. Less than 3 weeks until my half marathon!! I had been thinking all along that as soon as I was done, I would NEVER do this again but now I am thinking I just might do another one. We'll see!

Turbo is still as awesome as ever. I just love Turbo. There is a reason it's my soulmate workout. I am hoping to get certified to be a Turbo Instructor before the end of the year! The only thing that has really changed this month with Turbo is that Brynne won't be teaching at XSI 3 days a week anymore. She has a lot going on with school and isn't making it to school on time after class on Mondays and Wednesdays. So that means no more Turbo with her on Monday and no more Hustle on Wednesday. I will still do Turbo on Friday's with her though!

I got close to meeting my goal of Hustle but I missed it by two weeks. I did do Zumba, so that made a little bit of a difference but still didn't completely make up for it. I am really going to miss Hustle though - I LOVE it because it doesn't feel like a workout - it is just so fun! For the same reason I dislike it - it doesn't feel like a workout and I end up feeling guilty for only doing that in a day.

Ab workouts went really great - I lost track of how many I did but I got quite a few workouts in and my abs were definitely feeling it. I need to take progress pictures once a month of my abs so that I can better track my results.

I stopped counting my HIIT workouts last month but I know I met my goal. This month I am going for 2 HIIT's a week!

Eating healthy is still going great, except I have got a little bit into the mindset that because I am almost at goal, it's ok to cheat a little bit more and my body hated me for it. Eating that much sugar, even though it was nothing compared to how I ate a year ago, was still more than my body could handle and made me feel a little sick. I am back on track this month though!!

And last but not least, I am getting my scale back. I won't be weighing myself everyday like I was before, but I do want to see how my weight fluctuates. I am still hoping to be at goal by my half marathon, but it may be closer to Thanksgiving since I have gained muscle. We'll just have to wait and see!

Ok enough talking - here are some pictures!

Beginning of the month!
The day before I cut my hair
After I cut my hair!
Adjusting to my hair cut - don't love my hair in this pic but I sure like my arms and waist ;)
After a HIIT workout!
Can't wait to see where I am in a month!! I am so proud of how I am constantly getting better and improving my health. And the next time I write a monthly post, I will have completed a half marathon!!!!

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