Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August Results

Time to post about my August weight loss! I have decided to keep doing a monthly post specifically devoted to my weight loss until next year, and then I will just post about it as needed. Mostly because I will be at goal by then and will be maintaining and toning and that could get boring to blog about. ANYWAY here is my post about how August went!

I ran my first 5K this month and that was AWESOME - I finished in 32 minutes 11 seconds. It was good practice for my half marathon, since running around other people is totally different from running alone. I liked how it made me push myself - I knew other people around me were watching and it made me want to push myself hard. My half is in 6 1/2 weeks and I am feeling the pressure. I don't really like to run. It works - I feel sore and I am noticing changes in my body that Turbo didn't produce but I still don't like it. As soon as my half marathon is done I will maybe run 1 day a week, if I chose to. So I just tell myself only 6 1/2 more weeks and then I don't need to run anymore. I have been running 2 days a week, ranging from 2-4 miles each time.

Because I started training for my new position in Saratoga Springs, I wasn't able to go to Turbo Kick or Hustle with Brynne most of the month. That SUCKED. I worked out at home though - just doing Turbo Fire and my running. I definitely was still able to get some good workouts in, but it is just NOT the same. I REALLY like to workout with other people!

I got a FitBit! It came halfeay through the month and I immediately fell in love with it. You can wear it on your bra {if you are a girl and wear a bra haha}, on your belt, or clipped to your pants. At night you wear it on a wrist band on your wrist. It tracks your activity throughout the day - it seems pretty dang accurate so far! It can tell how many steps you take, how many miles you traveled and your calories burned. At night, it tracks how long you slept, how many times you woke up, and how long it took you to fall asleep. It has really helped me to adjust my calories in now that I know what my calories out is!

At the end of the month I started ChaLean Extreme. LOVE it. It is created by the wonderful Chalene Johnson, who also created Turbo Fire, Turbo Kick, Turbo Jam & Hip Hop Hustle. So pretty much every workout I do she created except for running. ChaLean Extreme is weight training and muscle building and I have been VERY sore as a result. It has lots of lunges and squats, so my legs are feeling it but I can ALREADY see results in my arms! The program is 3 months long, so I am really looking forward to the end of November so I can see just how much I will be able to tone in 3 months!

Because I started ChaLean Extreme, I stopped weighing myself. I gave my scale to Brynne {temporarily} so that it isn't even in my house. Building muscle helps lean my body and helps my clothes fit better and will help me to get into my goal pant size, but it may slow down things on the scale and I don't want to get discouraged so I just got it out of the house. Before I got rid of my scale, I lost 6 pounds in August. I think I had lost a little more than that because I did a cleanse at the end of July and that helped me lose a few pounds of water weight that came back. So I didn't count pounds that I "regained" and then lost again. That probably made no sense but hey whatever. The last time I weighed myself was August 21 and I was 23 pounds from goal weight. So hopefully another 2 months and I will be there!

Somewhere in the month I went shopping for new clothes. Like 4 times. It is becoming a slight addiction. I dropped another jean size! And I got two new pairs of work pants at Ross for $9.99 each! The last time I bought work pants {2 years ago} they were $55 each at Lane Bryant! Being able to buy clothes at Ross is wonderful! And I bought quite a few new shirts. And new shoes. I have lost a shoe size!! How weird is that?! So yeah I am getting rid of pretty much all my old clothes and old shoes and just buying new stuff. Getting expensive!! But SO worth it and it is an awesome reward for myself!

Ok enough boring stuff - here are some pictures! 
One of the days I did Turbo Fire instead of being able to go to Turbo Kick - definitely still got my sweat on though!

Running my first 5K!

Definitely getting smaller!

Side by side of a 2 year 100 pound difference

My fitbit! It was an anniversary present from Jake and I love it!

Feeling pretty small, if I do say so myself!
I set up some different goals for September - I want to do Hustle 4 times, run 12 times, lift 12 times, Turbo 4 times, do 8 ab workouts and do 4 HIIT workouts. So far so good - I will keep you posted on how that goes!!

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  1. Ok! So you found my blog and now I have found yours!! (apparently on your blog dashboard it tells you who has seen your page, ha!) Let me tell are truly an inspiration when it comes to working out and weight loss! I am being 100% honest! I need some tips from you on how you stay motivated and such and keep your workouts interesting...I am not much of a class taker when it comes to working out...mostly because the classes I would take don't coincide with my daughters sleep schedule! ha. So next time I see you at XSI we need to talk!!!