Monday, September 10, 2012

Robbins Reunion 2012

My blogging has totally slacked the past few weeks - sorry!! The last weekend of August was the annual Robbins Reunion in Manti. We always get together during the Sanpete County Fair and this year I remembered to take some pictures so I could blog about it! I took that Friday off of work so that we could leave before 7:00 PM. But we didn't leave end up leaving until 7:30 because the stereo for the truck came via UPS at 5:30! Talk about late in the day! Jake was REALLY excited!!

He seriously was SO excited. Like a little kid on Christmas. Made it worth every penny!
We called Sound Warehouse in Orem and asked if they could install it like right then and they said yes if we hurry! Jake took Max to my parent's house while I hurried and finished packing and we bombed it down to Sound Warehouse. While we waited, we walked to the gas station a block or two away and got drinks and then came back and waited for our stereo! 
Love him!
The finished product - it has a screen too with GPS & Bluetooth but I forgot to take a picture of that!
After the stereo was all installed, Jake let me drive the truck so that he could ride shotgun and play with the stereo. It was distracting for me to say the least - the stereo can do SO many things and I wanted to learn how to use it too but I was driving! When we got off the freeway near Nephi we switched drivers so that I could play with the stereo too. Right as we entered Manti, we stopped at McDonald's {first time I have eaten there in a VERY long time} and got some dinner. As soon as pulled out of the drive thru, Jake's mom called to say they had just ordered pizza from Lotsa Motsa, the local pizza place that is to DIE for. Jake ended up throwing out his McDonald's since pizza sounded better but I still ate my salad. I told myself that I could have a slice of pizza but I needed to eat my salad first and by the time I was done with my salad I wasn't wanting any pizza. THAT FELT AMAZING!! To tell myself I COULD have pizza but that I CHOSE not to! After we finished eating we talked with the family for a bit and then I called it a night. My first 5K was the next day and I was really nervous!

My alarm went off at 6:10 and I got ready for my race. Jake, mom & dad McClellan came with me to my race. And mom just had her knee scoped and was on crutches. And she came anyway. DEDICATION! My in laws love me!! Kathy, Chase, Angela & Taylor did the race too! The race started and finished at the base of Manti Temple.

My biggest supporter with me before the race started

During my run I was taking pictures - I am sure I looked like an idiot haha

I can see the finish line!! And there is JAKE!!! I got a second wind right here to say the least!

Taking pictures of each other as I run to the finish line! I LOVE this picture - Jake and the temple at the finish line!

One of the pictures Jake took of me as I was crossing the finish line - AWESOME looking picture haha

I finished in 32 minutes 11 seconds! I am SO proud of that time! And Jake is mortified at how sweaty I am haha

Another shot of the temple after I finished my race. It was kinda neat running towards it when I felt tired {end of the race}
After we finished at the race, we went over to the annual breakfast put on by the firefighters. I got a free breakfast because I ran the 5K! It was eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns and pancakes. HEAVENLY. Oh my gosh tasted so good. I watched my portions though - and I didn't eat my bacon. Afterwards we went back to Grandma K's house and I showered and got ready. Jake was watching TV on the couch so I went to sit by him and fell asleep. For 3 hours. He was so nice not to wake me up haha. He woke me up and we went to the fairgrounds again to walk around and look at the booth's and the horse pulls. I got a really cute necklace with matching earrings for $5! Then it was lunch time. I was ready for it too - I was starving! We had chicken salad on rolls with veggies and chips. And then it was more talk time with the family - Rick, Kenna, Cassidy, Kayson & Maddie got there just as we finished lunch. We talked to them for a bit and then we went to the parade on Main Street. Jake & I hung out mostly with Chase & Angela and their daughter Taylor. She is ADORABLE. Should have taken pictures!!

Then we went to the rodeo. My rodeo ticket was free because of the 5K! Kenna, Cassidy & I talked almost the entire time so I remember very little of the rodeo but it was REALLY fun. They introduced me to a make-up site called "ELF" {eyes lips face} that sells really good quality make up that is similar to bare minerals for REALLY inexpensive prices. And Cody & Sara brought their cute new Maltese Yorkie that I snuggled with for a very long time.

I look like a one eyed monster!
Rodeo lovin'
The rodeo ended around 11 and I was SO tired that I went straight to bed. The next morning we had muffins and fruit with the family and then we left to come home. SO much fun - can't wait for next year! And yes, I will be doing that 5K again :)

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