Thursday, September 27, 2012

Park City

Last weekend, after I got off of work, Jake & I went up Parley's Canyon to go to Park City for the day. We had no specific reason for wanting to go there - just wanted something to do for the day and I REALLY wanted to go see the colors, so we chose Park City!!

Fall colors are STUNNING - one of my FAVORITE things about living in Utah!
We got up there and had originally planned on maybe going to see a movie or something. As we were driving, we stumbled upon the Tanger Outlets and Jake said we could go! Heck yes! I LOVE SHOPPING!! The only thing we ended up getting was some more cologne for Jake, but we looked in a lot of stores. Lots of fun, and we got to do a lot of walking as we walked around the outlets, enjoying the PERFECT fall weather!

Looking at coats in Columbia, holding Jake's new cologne
After we were done at the outlets, we found a road and decided to drive on it and see where we end up. Well, we ended up at one of the training facilities for the Olympics, just above the rest of the city. They have a bob sled ride open, so we decided to go check it out! The colors were even more gorgeous up there!

Seriously - isn't that GORGEOUS?! I mean Jake, but hey the colors are pretty too ;)
Official Olympic sign!
 The bob sled ride was $60. Each. EACH! So yeah, we weren't able to go on that one, since we aren't quite that rich to just throw $120 for a 60 second ride. Hopefully we can go for one of our birthdays or our next anniversary. They had a skiing ramp set up where people were skiing off and landing in the a swimming pool. I am sure it has a really cool name, but I have no idea what it is so just imagine what I described!

One of the skiiers doing a front flip
Back flip!
Snowboarder going off the smaller jump
Relaxing on the hill watching the skiiers
After we were finished watching the skiiers, we drove around Park City some more and found a Best Buy. We looked for a new cover for Jake's iPhone 5 while we were there but we couldn't find one that he liked. We drove home through Provo Canyon after stopping at a gas station for drinks and enjoyed more of the gorgeous colors.

These pictures seriously don't do justice to the colors - STUNNING

As we came out of Provo Canyon onto 8th North in Orem, we decided to stop by Beebaw's house where Brynne & Blake are living. So I guess I should say Brynne's house but it just feels like Beebaw's house to me. Anyway, we stopped in and talked with them for a while and then went to a Sushi Bar in Orem for dinner all together. SO YUMMY. I seriously LOVE sushi with a passion. After we were stuffed, we went to a yogurt shop across State Street. It's one of the ones where you pick your flavors and then load your toppings onto it yourself and weigh it afterwards. I got peanut butter yogurt. Yep that was to DIE for {in case you don't know - I am a recovering peanut butter addict}. Yay for fun Saturdays!

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