Friday, September 28, 2012

It's back...

I have been trying to grow my hair for a while. I have definitely cut it, but I was trying to grow out my layers to make it so that as it grows it will be a uniform length. After starting at the Saratoga Springs Branch, I started to second guess my decision to grow it out. Lindsey & Angie both have the CUTEST A line hair cuts EVER. I decided to cut my hair back to an A line and text Kariann {my hair dresser} and get it set up. And then I backed out. I have been trying to grow out my hair for SO long - I just couldn't quit.

What my hair looked like on a good day. I really liked it when it worked, but it was just at the awkward length and hit my shoulder just wrong.
Yeah I lasted another week and then decided I was ready to cut it so I got an appointment set up for last Thursday! Kariann was able to get me in the same day that I decided I wanted to cut it, so I looked at pictures of bob's and a line while at work to find what I wanted.

I LOVE Jill Stevens, Miss Utah 2007 and Soldier in the National Guard. I also love her hair, so this is what I decided I wanted!
Kariann did an amazing job, and I left the salon absolutely IN LOVE with my new shorter hair cut!

After my hair was styled, getting my eyebrows tinted
After I left the salon - LOVE it!!

The next day, straight instead of curled under. LOVE it!
 When I styled it on Sunday for the temple dedication, I was loving the front but had a little bit of trouble with the back. It seemed a little long, and then I realized it wasn't an A line - it was a bob. I tried to style it again on Monday and same thing - loved the front, hard time getting the back to do what I wanted. So I called Kariann again. I absolutely HATE doing that - I don't want my wonderful hair stylist to think that I am mad or anything, it just isn't how I had wanted it and I want to love it. She got me in Wednesday night after I got home from work and we got it all fixed and I am SO in love with my hair now that it's kinda ridiculous. SO in love with my hair!!

Wednesday night, after Kariann shortened the back to make it more of an A line
This morning - seriously I love my hair!
Did I mention I love my new hair??
So yes, I am back to my traditional A line. It makes it just about impossible to style it any other way and I LOVE that - it makes me not feel lame that my hair looks pretty much the same every day. I love getting to the point that because I do my hair the same way every day, I am good at it and can do it pretty fast. And I am glad that I love my hair again, everyday. Life is too short to not love your hair!!

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