Monday, September 3, 2012

BYU vs Washington State

This past week, on August 30th, a wonderful thing happened. BYU FOOTBALL STARTED!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

My attempt at taking a picture of the "Y" flag in our front yard specifically used for game days!
I was SO excited, and Jake was too. He just didn't want to take pictures and I just had to - for the blog ;)
You can't see anything on the screen but just know - it was BYU vs Washington State. It made me OH so happy! 
Jake & Max watching the game
So excited that we were winning!! 
Don't you love how Jake REALLY didn't want to take pictures? I'm rude for making him take them anyway - thanks Love!
BYU won 30-6! It was an awesome first game - things to work on for sure {cough cough PENALTIES!} but hey it's the first game. Hoping the next 11 weeks go by REALLY slowly!!

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