Monday, September 3, 2012


I bought a craft at Crafty Wood Cutouts back in February for 50% off for fall and just barely got around to finishing it yesterday! I have to admit - I am pretty proud of this craft. The wood was 50% off and I had EVERYTHING else already - the paper was all scraps from previous projects. So that means I spent like 5 bucks on this craft! BOOM baby! 

The letters before I did anything to them
The scrapbook paper I picked
Jake & I watched the Oklahoma vs Michigan game while I crafted.  Ahhhhh college football - how I missed you!
All done!!
View of the whole ledge with the fall decor up
Fall pumpkin on the kitchen counter
Decor on the table by the front door
Fall is my FAVORITE time of year - I am SO excited that it is here already!!! YAY!!!!

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