Friday, September 28, 2012

Brigham City Temple Dedication

This past Sunday was the Brigham City Temple Dedication. They broadcasted the dedication to all of the stake centers in Utah, and cancelled church as a result so that members could go to see the dedication. This is the first dedication I have been to since the Fresno, CA dedication in 2001 ish. And guess what? JAKE GOT TO COME WITH ME!!!! That means he has a limited use temple recommend. We are SO close to getting sealed - HAPPY FREAKING DAY!!!

My mom had a wonderful suggestion to go to the dedication together. That means I got to go to a dediction with my entire family, minus my dad. All my sisters were able to come!! It was an amazing experience to be there with my family. I got pretty emotional because the Spirit was very strong. Let's just say that we have been thinking a lot about starting our family and after last Sunday, we are definitely feeling like it is time! YAY!!! We are SO excited!! Hopefully we are able to get pregnant fairly quickly!

After the dedication we made sure to take lots of pictures!

The whole family after the dedication
Me & my beautiful sisters - so glad we were all able to be there!
Mom & her ladybugs
Had to make sure we get a picture of the men too!
My favorite couple to double with - I LOVE BRYNNE & BLAKE!!!
We all had matching handkerchiefs! We didn't talk before hand on bringing them - we just all happened to bring the same one!
Everyone's handerkerchief
The amazing man I am married to - can't wait to be sealed for Eternity!
I wish we had been able to go to the Temple Open House that was going on for the last few weeks but we weren't able to make it. Can't wait for the Payson Temple to be done - scheduled for 2015!

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