Monday, September 3, 2012

Leaving Pleasant Grove

This past week, I left my Pleasant Grove branch to start at Saratoga Springs. I have been working at the Pleasant Grove branch since I started at Bank of American Fork in September of 2010 and I am SO sad to leave there - I LOVED my customers and managers and co workers. My last day at the branch was Wednesday August 29. My co workers had a going away party for me, complete with the ULTIMATE salad bar and a delicious low fat yogurt cake for dessert. They put LOTS of effort into planning something that I could eat on my diet - SO thoughtful! They also got me a few gifts!

Really cute card that everyone in the branch signed
Gift from the branch - isn't that the CUTEST wrapping???
Inside were these ADORABLE rose earrings... 
And this SUPER cute necklace!! 
Gift from Kathie - cute tissues, REALLY awesome lotion from Avon and an ADORABLE notebook she crafted. Seriously, she is the CRAFTIEST person I know! 
It was really sad to leave the branch, especially the people I have worked with for so long. But I am a big believer in change when needed and going full time and working closer to home will be really good for me and Jake, so it's a necessary change. PG branch, I will miss you. And Saratoga branch, so far I LOVE you!!

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