Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BYU vs Weber State

The week before last, Jake & I got to go to the BYU vs Weber State game! It was at LaVell Edwards Stadium, so nice and close to home. I still have not been to an away game! My mom wasn't able to go with her season tickets, so she let Jake & me take them!

We drove with Brynne & Blake, which was really fun! Too bad we couldn't sit together though :( We went to J Dawgs first in Orem for lunch - it was REALLY good! I am not the biggest hot dog fan but man those were really yummy!! Then we drove to the game - traffic wasn't bad at all surprisingly. We parked right by their first apartment, just behind where we normally park {by Dr. Clayton's office} but because it was in a neighborhood instead of the business parking lot, we didn't have to pay for parking!

The game was really fun - we won 45-13. We knew we were going to win but it was still nice to win by so many points. It was SO hot. Like REALLY hot. I got a nice two faced sunburn - only burned the right side of my face because we were sitting on the north endzone. The right side of my neck, my right arm - I literally looked like two face from Batman. It was AWFUL! And my bangs were down {see picture} so I had a really weird tan line on my forehead. Thank heavens it faded after a few days!!

Yay for BYU being 2-0!! 

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