Friday, January 10, 2014

Kaycee arrived

Today, I became a mom. And because of how exhausted I am, this is going to be pretty dang short. But I had a few thoughts I wanted to jot down, today.

My testimony was incredibly strengthened today. Priesthood blessings are real. The power of them is real. Heavenly Father's hand in my life was incredibly shown today. There's NO logical or explainable reason for the things that happened today and how they played out, other than it was the Lord's plan. After weeks of no progress, I moved along at the speed of light. Pushing was insanely fast, and to be honest very easy. I have NO doubt in my mind I had severe angelic help. The only issue our precious baby girl has is her blood sugar. Considering all that happened, she should have respiratory problems and potentially ended up in another hospital. Instead, she's here, not under any "bubbles" or anything, and is doing great with the sugar drip IV she's getting. Heavenly Father has big plans for this little girl. 

I'm in love with our hospital. I could NOT be any happier with our nurses, the pediatrician, my midwives and the care our family of 3 have been given. 

I can't believe how much I love her already. I can't believe how scared I was seeing so many people rush to the room at her aid. I'm so in love with her. It's crazy how fast I turned into mama bear and wanted to protect her and hold her and be there for her. I'm so in love. 

And I cannot believe how far in love I fell with my husband today. I couldn't have done anything today without him. He was my absolute rock and only left my side to follow her to the NICU. Seeing him, watching with fear in his eyes as they worked on her, watching him hold her for the first time, having him hand her to me, seeing him talk to her - and having him tell me over and over how good I've done and how proud he is of me has made the day so much easier. He's seriously been amazing. I'm so in love with him. 

Kaycee, baby girl, I love you and I'm so happy you're here. Welcome to the world princess, and happy birthday.

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  1. CONGRATS!!! I'm so sorry for the complications with sweet Kaycee but I'm sure glad she's here and that you're both doing okay. Can't wait to meet her! Let me know if you need anything okay?