Thursday, January 9, 2014

Last night being pregnant {I hope!!}

Well today has been an eventful day! Woke up around 7, got ready and went to my midwife appointment, where Jake met me right after he got off work. We were one of the first patients back, and as soon as we saw the midwife in office today {Dena Walker} she confirmed we are having a baby tomorrow! She checked my cervix and because of how tilted/pushed back {posterior I think is what it's called} my cervix is, she couldn't tell if I was effaced or dilated at all. She said I didn't go backwards, so I must still be at a 1 and 50% effaced. But definitely not ready to have a baby yet, so we were told we'd for sure be going to the hospital tonight to start taking Cytotec to prepare my cervix. 

Seriously, talk about a morning! 

After our appointment, we went to get some breakfast and ran a few errands together {Jake got new work shoes and we finally got a title for a little truck we have at the DMV to sell to a pick-a-part - both been on the to do list FOREVER} and then Jake went home to get some sleep. I went to Wal Mart and did some last minute grocery shopping and talked to my friend Camrie for a bit and then came home and met with my visiting teachers, Pearl & Hannah. After they left, I cut Max's hair. Yep, I groomed my dog 4 hours before being sent to the hospital to have a baby haha. It was on my to do list and I wanted it done! 

Afterwards, my sister Jeannene came over and she and Jake helped be my "slaves" and ran around the house for a bit helping do last minute cleaning, moving a load of laundry, vacuuming, checking the mail, packing the car, etc. We got Max all packed up, loaded all our stuff and Kaycee's car seat into the car and then we drove Jeannene and Max to my mom's house. We talked to my mom and Rick for a bit and then kissed Max goodbye and left for dinner before we got to the hospital. We went to Olive Garden for our last meal as a family of 2. That's a crazy thought!! 

And then we went to the hospital. 

My midwife had told me that the Cytotec will cause contractions, so I can get my epidural tonight if I wanted it. That's been scaring me all day - I've been very scared for the epidural. But once we got here, they recommended I wait until I'm in more pain before I get it, since labor will most likely go long and I won't get Pitocin until morning. So for now, I'm waiting to get it until I'm in more pain. Then I won't be scared and will appreciate it! I got my first dose of Cytotec at 8:15 and will get it every 3 hours all night. I can start Pitocin 4 hours after my last dose of Cytotec, so I'll either start at 6 AM or 9 AM, depending on how many doses I need. Then we get this show on the road! 

My mom was in labor with me for 20 hours and pushed for 2.5 hours. And I was 9 lbs 2 ozs, 21" long. Jake was 8 lbs 8 ozs. So if karma and genetics are any indicator, she's gonna be big! 

My prediction is I'll be in labor for 12 ish hours active labor and an hour of pushing. 8 lbs 4 ozs, 21" inches long. Jake thinks she's going to be 7 lbs {I think he just picked a number lol}. We'll find out soon enough! 

It was weird thinking all day that I'd never sleep in my bed pregnant with Kaycee again. It's gone so fast - I can't believe it's nearly over! Even this last week has flown by. I hope everything goes fast tomorrow and I'm not dying all day lol. I can't wait to meet our princess - it's really here!! 

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