Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The week before Kaycee arrived!

Here's a quick photo dump of the week before Kaycee arrived! 

Jake's New Years Facebook status 
39 weeks!  
Relaxing on the couch 
Max starting being very sleepy and cuddly  
My 2 boys cuddling 
And we finished Kaycee's room!

On Wednesday, the day before we went to the hospital, I was in a MINOR fender bender in Provo. Someone rear ended me, their insurance is paying for everything. But it made a nice hole in the bumper of the Mazda {now referred to as "race car"}

The paint flecks that chipped
The bumper got impaled
Grandma Wendy got a present...  
Dustin & Keisha found out they're having a girl! 
It was a crazy week, and at the same time I accomplished very little! Crazy to think how much our lives have changed since then!

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