Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kaycee's 2nd Week

Kaycee's 2nd week went great! It was our first week with Jake back at work, and we all survived the week! We still absolutely love miss Kaycee and think she is the greatest little blessing we could ever ask for!

Her first BYU outfit
First weekend at home consisted of our new "date night" - watching motocross races with my little family and eating pizza
Sunday we went to Jake's parents house for dinner
Jake's dad finally got to hold Kaycee! 
The first day "official" day as mom - Jake had gone to work the night before, so he was sleeping during the day and Kaycee and I were on our own. Kaycee had a bath, we read stories and took it easy on the  couch.  I also cooked dinner! Max was our little shadow and followed everywhere Kaycee went!
She started sleeping better in her pack n play at night. One night I put her down like this... 
And she woke up like this! I don't know how she turned herself so well! 
She started getting a little backed up, so we went to the pediatrician to get a suppository. She was VERY sad that day, but nothing some mommy Kaycee cuddles couldn't fix! 
Guarding the princess
Pretty sure he recognizes her smell - he loves to lay on her blankets
She has a belly button now! 
Bed head!
She napped in her crib a few times too - I LOVE her video monitor already! 
Getting her foot poked for her PKU test at her 2 week appointment. She was NOT happy! 
So we snuggled the rest of the day to make it better :) 
One of her favorite places to sleep - she LOVES laying on Jake's chest too
A few fun things from this week:
  • I read her a book for the first time. I picked a few to read, but the very first one I read her was "Love you forever". My mom and I still say the line in that book to each other all the time. I bawled my eyes out the whole way through the book. Then I read her "Are you my mother?" and cried too. Wasn't quite as bad as the first book but geez louise!
  • She doesn't like when I put lotion on her AT ALL! I had been putting it on morning and night and I've cut back to when I noticed she has dry skin or right after a bath. She still loves bath time, she took her first real bath in the sink a few days after she lost her umbilical cord. 
  • We were able to run a few errands throughout the week, and she did great at all of them! Just snoozed away in her car seat! 
  • At her 2 week appointment, she was 7 pounds .5 ounces, so they rounded up to 1 ounce. She was 20.25 inches long, and her head was 36 cm around. That puts her in the 25% percentile for weight, 50% for length and 75% for her cute noggin. 
Nursing is going a little bit better, but for the most part I pump and give her a bottle. I'm still not making quite as much as she is eating, but I'm making more than I was a week ago, so I'll take it! Pretty sure that is thanks to the DoTerra oils I have been taking, thanks to Jaelyn.

Kaycee girl, mom & dad sure love you and can't remember what our life was like before we met you!

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