Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kaycee's 3rd Week

Miss Kaycee turned 3 weeks yesterday. Still blows my mind to think she's only been a part of my life, in this way, for 3 weeks!

Rocking her little BYU outfit
Right as she fell asleep one night, I sent this picture to Jake saying "Good night daddy! I love you THIS much!" He thought it was super cute
Snuggling in her room after we read Princess stories
Doing tummy time! She doesn't seem to mind it actually, she will just lay on her tummy and look around contentedly.
Playing on her back afterwards with Max supervising
First bath in her little tub! She loved it! 
When I told Jake we were pregnant, I did it by buying this onesie. This week, we finally got a picture of the two of them together with her wearing it!
Kisses from brother
Smiling because the drops we are using for her tummy are working!! 
Both of them laying on their tummies, looking at each other
This week, on my birthday specifically, was hard for Kayc. She has been having some gas troubles and on my birthday she was the fussiest she'd ever been. It was hard seeing her so sad! We cuddled throughout the entire day, since if I put her down at all she'd freak out. We ended up starting to use some gas drops, since the doTerra oil we were using wasn't as effective as we needed for it to be, and everything has been MUCH better ever since!!

We sure love her and wouldn't trade her for anything, even after the hospital bills started coming in {HOLY FETCH!}.

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  1. Hahahaha oh man. I love your bath time pic - the censoring job made me giggle. :) Motherhood looks so good on your girl, and she is THE cutest little bug!!