Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Family Birthday Dinner

Last Sunday, we had a birthday party with my family for the people who have January birthdays - me, Blake & Kaycee. This is the first time we have had a group birthday and I think it went great! My mom made tostadas for dinner with all the fixings, and we had brownies and ice cream for dessert. The best surprise for me was that my dad was there, so he FINALLY got to hold Kaycee!

He's a grandpa! 

She looks like she's thinking "Wait a minute who are you?"
And my sister Jeannene finally got to hold her too! When Kaycee was in the hospital, Jeannene had the flu, strep and an ear infection or some crazy thing so she wasn't able to hold her until now! 

And of course, everyone else wanted to hold her too while we were there! I didn't end up holding her at all for those couple hours with the exception of when I gave her a bottle when we first got there. Everybody just loves her!

Uncle Blake
Picture Aunt Nene took
After dinner, we opened presents! I got $20 origami style into baby shoes from Richard, a new curling iron and an infinity scarf from my mom and an auxiliary cable and air freshener for the Durango and a cute pair of pink peep toe flats from Brynne and Blake! I also got 2 outfits for Kaycee from Susan, Blake's mom - that was SOO nice of her to do that!! 

My baby shoes
Blake got Scattergories and a super huge Nerf gun from my mom, $20 origami folded into a Lego from Richard and a remote control helicopter from Jake & me. It's the same one that Jake has, Blake played with it last month and loved it!

His Nerf gun - he looks so excited!
It was an awesome party - I feel super spoiled and got everything I had asked for!

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