Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kaycee's 1st week

So I'm torn between wanting to blog every breath Kaycee takes, and wanting to spend time with her and not be blogging. So I will probably just be dumping photos for the next little bit, since there is NO shortage of pictures being taken! 

Our first day home. I couldn't believe how much love I felt for her. It was crazy overwhelming  
First pair of jammies from Grammy
Kaycee & Max met last Monday, her first night home 

All swaddled in her BYU blanket, laying in her pack n play the first night on her fleece BYU blanket. We're training her young. Too bad she didn't sleep longer than 15 minutes in her pack n play that night! 
Max was exhausted when he got home from my parents house, which was a HUGE blessing!  
Tired, but we survived her first night home. I wanted Jake to sleep and I wanted to practice doing it by myself, since he works in the middle of the night 
Love this onesie
We bought a swing her 2nd day home. She really likes to be held, so I had to hold her the entire first day {not that I mind, I just knew that if I needed to go to the bathroom she'd come unglued if I put her down, and sleeping was interesting} but she LOVES her swing! YAY!  
2nd night went MUCH better!
Loving her swing
Woke up for a picture...  
And then Jake tucked him in and he zonked out! 
First bath at home. She still loved getting her hair washed - just like mom!
Love her little hooded towel Lindsey made for her! 
The flowers Jake got for me bloomed. Seriously, I love lilies.  
The flowers Jake's work sent
My 2 favorite people having some quality time
Seriously love this little bean. This was when she was officially 1 week old. 
The week was tough, but not in the ways I was expecting. It felt like a production to leave the house because of the effort required to feed her {I'm planning to do a post about that VERY soon} so I never wanted to go anywhere. It worked out thought, since Jake took the week off and he did want to get out of the house each day, so he would go run errands I needed done and I could just stay home and hide with her.

I thought moms were kidding or being dramatic or lame when they would say they get so busy they forget to eat. Nope, its totally true. I forgot to eat so many times, Jake was constantly having to check to see if I was eating. Whoops!

When she had been home for 2 days, she went to the pediatrician for her newborn check. Everything looked great, and she had gained 2 ounces from her leaving the hospital weight, and an ounce from her birth weight, putting her at 6 pounds 10 ounces.

She did GREAT at her newborn photo session - I was super surprised that we had no crying or fussing at all. She woke up and wanted to be awake for part of it, but she did so great and I LOVE the pictures that she's awake and attentive. 

She slept most of the week either in my arms on the couch with my reclining or in her swing. She took one or two naps in her crib or her pack n play, but other then that not so much. We're working on it though, she's been getting better! 

Max has done AMAZING with her - I am SOOO proud of him. He is VERY attentive and if she cries he comes and stands right next to her and just looks at her with his head cocked. Last night, she was crying and after I got her calmed down he gave her a little kiss on the forehead. It was adorable. She doesn't notice when he barks at all, which is AWESOME or I'd be super mad at Max every time he barked. 

It was an eventful first week, but it went great. Crazy to think she's already 11 days old, and that she's been home for 8 days now. Time flies!! 

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