Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tired of waiting for XY&Z

I have always had this mind set that when X, Y or Z happens, I will start to really care about having "fashion sense". I, like so many other women in today's society, look at movies and TV commercials and watch TV shows and see how women are portrayed - particularly mom's. It seems they always have perfect hair, perfect make up, time for absolutely everything, are a perfect cook, and wear totally fashionable outfits every minute of the day - sometimes complete with super insanely tall shoes. I have always thought "someday, when I am a mom, I am going to be like that - I want my kids to think I am a good mom, but also a cool mom and I want friends to think I dress and look cute {whether they want to admit it or not :P}" I guess I just don't want people to think I am a slobby mom or wife, or that I never get ready or care about how I look.

As of a few weeks ago, I would only get "ready" on days that I work - if I was staying home, I would just stay in my PJ's, complete with my messy AWESOME hair and no make up or jewelry. When I am a mom, I want to be a stay at home mom and therefore I won't really be going anywhere so if I keep doing things the way I am, that means I wouldn't be getting ready. Except Sundays or if I am going somewhere. And I know myself well enough to know that if I don't have the habit now, I won't magically wake up with it someday.

So I decided to start working on that now - getting ready everyday, learning more ways to do my hair {since that is something I figured I would magically learn once I'm a mom}, not wearing the same outfits each week, and just pretty much establishing my own style of clothes, jewelry & shoes I like to wear that are cute and stylish that I feel comfortable in. I don't want to feel "fake" or like I am not being me - that's the opposite of what I want!

I am still doing my "knock off" of weight watchers and I still really like it - I am eating what I want, but I am realizing just how bad for me some of my choices were and making different choices as a result! I have discovered how much I like making smoothies with fruit and orange juice - my own Jamba Juice pretty much! And I got our second bedroom all set up to start doing Turbo Jam in - moved all the furniture out, plugged in the spare TV and got it in the corner on an entertainment center so I will have plenty of room for punching & kicking and just getting my Turbo on!! And I started learning how to do my hair.

I have been trying to grow it for a while, not necessarily because I wanted it at a certain length but because I really liked how it looked as it grew. I think I am going to keep growing it but we will see how I like it as it grows. My main problem as I grow it has been back combing or "ratting" - I can't ever seem to get it the way I want it. So Tuesday night, I watched probably 10 different YouTube videos on backcombing and watched 10 or so different girls back combed their own hair so I could see what it was that I was doing so different. I learned a few things and tried it out the next day...

After I teased it, before I tamed it down
Afterwards! I even got daring and did something different with my bangs!
I went through my closet and started mixing and matching different things I haven't worn before too - the green vest pictured above I have had for several months and only wore it once! And for my birthday present, I ordered a few new clothing items online that should be here within the next few days!

The next day, I back combed it again and it got big...
And turned out really cute - AGAIN. 2 good hair days in a row! WAHOO!!
I also started doing my make up differently, but I am using less make up than I was before. Usually when I do my make up differently, I end up wearing lots more make up than I was before but not this time! Happy joy for not feeling like a "cake face" - that's a Lizzy word :) And I really like how I feel when I look in the mirror. It's nice looking in the mirror and actually liking the reflection, rather than being ok with it or not liking it at all. I like making self changes and feeling like I am becoming a better person. Yay for self improvement :)

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  1. You just told the story of my life...I am the worst at getting ready on days I don't have to be anywhere.