Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A TNT Fuse

My sister Lauryl {aka Popper} is doing competitive cheerleading this year at TNT. She is a fuse - thats the name of her team. And she just had her first competition!! It was at Cottonwood High School on January 14. Here are some of the highlights!!

The Special Event - a local handicapped cheerleading squad! They did so awesome!
Fuse getting ready to go on!
Look how uniform they are - perfectly timed and together!
Popper is the front "squatter" on the left
Their awesome pyramid!
Brynne gave her a huge hug afterwards!
Brynne, Mom & I watching the competition!
Me & Brynnie
My gorgeous madre & me!
Jeannene & her friend Jackson
The famous Popper all decked out, complete with her purple glitter make up!

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