Saturday, January 7, 2012

Updates from my not so eventful week

Compared to how hectic December was, this week has seemed boring! In reality though, it has been a busy week - just not anything super blog worthy. I am temporarily working 6 days a week until Tessa's replacement {Jessica} is trained and ready to be on her own. She starts on January 17 :) In the mean time though, it has been different working 6 days a week compared to my usual 3. It hasn't been anywhere near as hard as I thought it would be - I am actually kinda enjoying seeing everyone I work with everyday. The down side is by the time I get home, I am SO tired and want to just relax and take it easy. Not so great of an idea haha.

Luckily the house hasn't got super messy this week - Jake & I are pretty easy to clean up after. Max makes a mess of his toys all the time but it's really quick and easy to pick up 15 dog toys and throw them all in a basket. The main problem for me is laundry. I don't like to do laundry {ever} and coming home from work to laundry needing to be done isn't my favorite thing so I have just ignored the laundry all week - also not so great of an idea. Now I have to do laundry on my Saturday when I get home from work today :( But there are some good NFL playoff games today so I can watch a game while I put away clothes :)

As far as working towards my New Years Resolutions, I am doing pretty good! On Thursday of this week I went with my mom & Brynne to do an endowment session at Mt. Timpanogos Temple - that was my first endowment session at that temple! And oh my gosh it's beautiful - I loved it. So now I have done an endowment session at Provo & Timp, which are the only Utah County temples so I am "halfway" done with that goal! Now just to do the Salt Lake County temples. 51 more weeks to go before the year is over - I think I will end up completing that goal :)

Because I am working 6 days a week, that means extra money, which means more money towards our emergency fund! Yay for working towards that goal! At the rate we are going, we could have it done by summer time but we are wanting to do some other fun things this year too, like go on a vacation or two and buy a truck or a 4 wheeler {or both} so we are just hoping to have our fully funded emergency fund by the end of the year!

I am doing really good on keeping my Jeep clean! Granted, its been a week, but I haven't been eating anything in it that could crumbs everywhere, and I have been taking everything {my coat, purse, water bottles, containers from lunch, etc} in the house with me at the end of each day! It's actually kinda relaxing at the end of the day to get in my car after work and see that it's clean - I am very relaxed by things being clean haha.

And MOST importantly - I am doing really good on eating healthy so far! Unfortunately, that isn't my problem. My problem is STICKING with eating healthy. I can do any diet/eating plan for a week or even two but after that I start to get sick of it and crave other things. The big test for me will be to see if I can do this for longer than a week or two! I have done Weight Watchers on and off the past few years and it seemed to work pretty good for me, but I just got really tired of paying for it! I am way too cheap to pay $20 ish a month just for the use of a website to tell me the nutritional value of absolutely everything I could ever imagine eating. Ok so it is worth it but I still didn't want to pay it. AND THEN I found an app for my iPhone called iTrack Bites.

It is JUST like Weight Watchers except there are no monthly fees - you just buy the app and then use it! It is $1.99 to buy it - SO worth it compared to how expensive Weight Watchers can be. It doesn't know name brands or the names of restaurants, so you mostly need to use the points calculator it has to figure out the points value but that is ok with me! I also have a Restaurant App that tells me the nutritional value of food at restaurants so I just figure out what I want at a restaurant, use that app to figure out the nutrition and plug it into the iTrackBites calculator and TA-DA I have my points value for what I want to eat! I have eaten a LOT better this week compared to how I was eating before {during the holidays} and realized just how much sugar I was eating - I had a hard time the first few days with not having any sugar. I have been eating lots more fruits and vegetables {they are pretty much all zero points!} and more healthy snacks, like yogurt and cheesesticks rather than a bag of popcorn or leftover cookies from our neighbors. I also have realized how bad I was at eating in portions. I knew I was pretty bad at it, but now I am realizing just how bad and how much I was eating before is WAY more than I should be.

I feel good this week - I don't feel like I have been depriving myself of anything I wanted to eat. If I want to eat something, then I eat it. For the most part though, I decide I want to eat something, figure out the points and then change my mind. Last night, I really wanted some ice cream though so we went to JCW's {OH I LOVE THAT PLACE!} and I got a kids hamburger meal and a mini peanut butter shake. Pretty much a lot of points, but I wanted to eat it, I was accountable for it and tracked my points for the day. Afterwards, I felt like I had satisfied my sweet tooth and was ready to get back on track and eat healthy the remainder of the week. Like I said earlier though, I am really good at doing something for a week or two. It's doing it for longer that is a challenge for me. I really want to stick with this though - Jake & I will hopefully be starting our family within the next year or two and I want to make my body healthy so that I can handle pregnancy. That has been my goal in the back of my mind for a while but now that we are getting closer to starting our family I really need to make my health a higher priority. I am going to take it one week at a time though, and this week I rocked it!

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